Eye on Art / 10

Hello!Eye on ArtMy love of art has long been a part of my life. I can vividly remember adding my own creative flair to the pages of coloring books as a kid, working with new materials at summer art camps, or attempting to hand-letter my middle school binder covers. Exercising my artistic skills just makes me happy, the same way a musician might feel practicing an instrument or an athlete playing out on the field.

With that said, it’s no wonder that I enjoy putting together the Eye on Art posts each month. Coming across talented artists brings me just as much joy as working on my own personal projects, regardless of the type of art they do. Today’s three – a textile designer, a creative director, and a freelance painter – have inspired me to pull out my art supplies one last time before the stress of school hits {and when that happens, I’ll just turn to my new adult coloring book :)}. Have you been crushing on any artwork lately?

Jacqueline ColleyI believe that textile designers go underappreciated by the general population. A strong pattern requires an excellent sense of composition, exquisite attention to detail, and a defined eye for color, and only the best designers, like Jacqueline Colley, make it look easy.

With years of experience in her field, Jacqueline shows a wide variety in subject matter, and furthermore, she displays an impressive line quality. While elements of nature dominate her portfolio – she herself notes inspiration of “habitats and ecosystems” in her bio – I’m personally drawn to the more whimsical patterns, such as the binder clips and glasses shown above. Wouldn’t they make a cute dress print? {website}

Stephanie BirdsongI don’t know about you, but I find it hard to look at Stephanie Birdsong’s illustration work and not smile. I believe an artist has found success once they develop their own artistic style, and it’s clear that Stephanie has done exactly that; due to her superb use of color and her unique artistic style, each piece in her portfolio leaves a happy and lasting impact on the viewer.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find one of Stephanie’s pictures in a children’s book, as my favorites, the hairstyles of the 1940’s and the girl reading by the fire escape, are suited for such a format. If you have any interest in graphic design, I encourage you to browse her work as magazine art director as well; she has plenty of visual goodies to admire. Three cheers for fun art! {website}

Caitlyn MurphyFinally, though I think painting is relaxing, I also find it challenging, which is why I love artists who have mastered the medium and use it well. Toronto based illustrator Caitlyn Murphy is one of the talented bunch, and one glance at her pieces above shows you her signature color palettes and terrific figure drawing.

Caitlyn’s artwork is made to be hung; I can imagine quite a few of her paintings in my very own bedroom. With summer coming to a close, I gravitate towards the image of the girl jumping into the pool {the pink sky is top-notch}, but I also like the baseball player in front of the dotted crowd. If I had the money, I would buy them all, but for now, I will simply admire from afar. {website}

Have a wonderful Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Eye on Art / 10

  1. Nice artwork, specially the work of Caitlyn Murphy. I like painting, but I think I’m more inclined to poems and photography. You can also check my work if you want, just click my name and I think it will direct you to my blog. Nice read.

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