Pros and Cons / The Detective’s Assistant by Kate Hannigan


Pros and ConsBlogging has changed me as a reader in several ways. I read novels at a much faster rate; I can recognize what makes a good book beyond my own enjoyment level; and finally – and most importantly, I believe – I can quickly pick a “Bella book” off of the library shelves. Hopeful, heart-warming contemporary? Well-researched, interesting historical fiction? Suspenseful, perfectly-paced mystery? Yes, yes, and yes! The latter two of my favorite genres combine in Kate Hannigan’s middle grade novel, The Detective’s Assistant, and I, aware of the books I tend to like, felt it would be right up my alley. Fortunately, I was right: it didn’t disappoint, as you’ll see in my full review below!

The incredible tale of America’s first ever female detective and her spirited niece!

Eleven-year-old Nell Warne arrives on her aunt’s doorstep lugging a heavy sack of sorrows. If her Aunt Kate rejects her, it’s the miserable Home for the Friendless.

Luckily, canny Nell makes herself indispensable to Aunt Kate…and not just by helping out with household chores. For Aunt Kate is the first-ever female detective employed by the legendary Pinkerton Detective Agency. And Nell has a knack for the kind of close listening and bold action that made Pinkerton detectives famous in Civil War-era America. With huge, nation-changing events simmering in the background, Nell uses skills new and old to uncover truths about her past and solve mysteries in the present.

Based on the extraordinary true story of Kate Warne, this fast-paced adventure recounts feats of daring and danger… including saving the life of Abraham Lincoln! {Goodreads}

The Detective's Assistant

Need more convincing? Here’s what other reviewers had to say.
The Detective’s Assistant by Kate Hannigan is funny and touching while also shedding light on such historical happenings as the Underground Railroad, boarding house life, the tensions leading up to the Civil War, and Abraham Lincoln’s election and first inauguration” {read the rest of the review at Mother Daughter Book Club HERE}.

“Based off of the real Kate Warne, The Detective’s Assistant is exactly the sort of book I would have salivated over as a kid—between the mysteries, ciphers hidden in letters, dastardly plots to foil, and disguises, it’s got something for everyone” {read the rest of the review at Nerdy Book Club HERE}.

The Detective’s Assistant is an entertaining, multi-layered blend of historical fiction and mystery, perfect for middle grade readers. Highly recommended” {read the rest of the review at Jen Robinson’s Book Page HERE}.

Let’s discuss! Have you read The Detective’s Assistant or another middle grade mystery recently? Have you found any historical fiction hidden gems, just like this? Are you having a lovely Thursday?! :)



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