Summer Lovin’ with Emily from Books and Cleverness

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Another weekend brings another edition of Summer Lovin’, a two-month long feature here at Ciao Bella. Inspired by my own weekly Love Lists, I asked a few of my favorite teenage bloggers to post their summer-related picks, whether it be a good book, new film, or stylish accessory. I introduced this fun event a few weeks ago, and I will continue to share the guest posts throughout the summer!

The summer season is zipping right along, bringing us to another round of Summer Lovin’! Today, I am delighted to welcome Emily, blogger at Books and Cleverness, to share her summer favorites. If her appropriately named blog title didn’t make it clear already, Emily is a book blogger, and an excellent one at that! Ever since I stumbled upon her site, I have enjoyed her concise, insightful reviews, and I have managed to find several good novels through her recommendations. Furthermore, there hasn’t been a single post, comment, or tweet I’ve seen where Emily isn’t writing in her signature friendly manner. Be sure to pay her a visit when you are finished with her guest post, but until then, here’s Emily!

• • •

The Summer Series by Jenny Han{via}

Favorite Summer Read: The Summer Series by Jenny Han • Okay, so I’m kind of cheating here. But I just had to pick these three lovely books by Jenny Han. If you’ve read my blog you’ll know that I endlessly rave about her and her books. This series is the one that got me into contemporary and I like to consider them my “gateway YA books.” They’re set, for the most part, during the summer at a beach house, and there’s tons of romance, emotion, and intense moments, but they’re still perfect for a quick summer read!

Aquamarine MovieFavorite Summer Movie: Aquamarine • When I was in elementary school, I watched Aquamarine a LOT. And I’ll still put it on when I want to watch a super cute movie about friendship and love… set at the beach of course! I really like mermaids {books, movies, you name it!}, so this was an instant favorite! I really loved all of the actors in this one at the time, too!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice CreamFavorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip • I love mint, and I love chocolate. Pretty much every time I go get ice cream, this is what I order!

Reading Outside{via}

Favorite Summer Activity: Reading Outside in the Sun • Summer is the time of year I look forward to for multiple reasons: warm sunny weather, vacations, and tons of free time! During the school year I have very little time to read, but the summer is my time when I load up on the books. And of course, I can’t just sit inside all summer either, so I take it outside in the garden, by the pool, or on the porch.

Backpack Cooler Chair ImageSummer Wishlist Item: Outdoor Chair with Built-in Side Table and Cooler • As I just mentioned above, reading outside during the summer is my favorite activity. But I also really enjoy taking out my computer, maybe eating a snack or some lunch from the comforts of my reading space, too. That’s why this chair is on my ultimate summer wishlist. I mean, a table and a cooler, and space for me to put my books and devices? It’s like the ultimate summer chair, and I probably wouldn’t have to move for a long while!

• • •

A big thanks to Emily! I just read Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty, and I have to agree, the series is perfect for the summer months. I haven’t watched Aquamarine in several years, but I’m inspired to pull it out again after reading Emily’s write-up. And, finally, reading outside is the BEST, no doubt.

You can find Emily on her blog, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr.

Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! :)


15 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ with Emily from Books and Cleverness

    • Totally agree – I could be formatting these posts right after breakfast, and I STILL get a craving for ice cream after searching through Google images. And, yes, the chair is a huge hit! :)

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  1. I never knew I needed such a chair, but after seeing it I absolutely must have! Where has it been all my life? :) It would sure make reading outside, sitting at my brother’s soccer games, and maybe even sitting by the lake a lot more convenient!

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  2. Is it just me, or did you change your blog style/format (is that what its called?) I’m positive it looks different from the last time I was on your blog… I really like the switch up! I always admire the design of your blog, it always looks so lively and original. And as always, I love this feature!

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    • Yes, I did, and thank you! I just wrapped up a course on typography, so I hand-lettered all of my new design elements and just finished formatting the theme tonight :) And thank you, as always, for stopping by and commenting!

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  3. I am so in love with your blog! If you saw a weird spike in blog stats today that was most probably me incessantly stalking your blog. :) Everything that you write is so fun to read and thoughtful, not to mention your blog design is so pretty and happy! I’ve only just stumbled across your blog, but I’m really looking forward to reading more posts from you. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meghna, thank you so much for your sweet comment; it made my day! Your blog is pretty cool as well – I’m a sucker for any posts that mention organization :) Thank you again for stopping by, commenting, and following!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello! I saw your tweet that you are adjusting on your blog’s new look but let me say that the new look of your blog is so A-MA-ZING that I can’t stop looking on your blog and just roam around your site and read! Nice job, Bella! :D

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