Making the Grade / The Forget-Me-Not Summer

Hi!Making the GradeAs much as I love my own summer break – when I can blog, bake, and read as much as I want – I still love to escape to the quintessential vacation in my summer reads: the ones where the days are long, the cute seaside shops are in abundance, and the beach is only minutes away from the characters’ homes. Leila Howland has clearly mastered the art of setting stories in the summertime, with all three of her novels, duology Nantucket Blue and Nantucket Red, as well as her middle grade release, The Forget-Me-Not Summer, taking place in charming New England towns. Perfect match for this reader? I sure think so! The Forget-Me-Not Summer is a delightful slice of summer, a novel best read on a warm sunny day with a glass of lemonade in hand. Catch my full review below before grabbing a copy for yourself.

A delightful story for fans of The Penderwicks and One Crazy SummerThe Forget-Me-Not Summer is bursting with fun, sun, and sisterly love.

Sisters Marigold, Zinnia, and Lily Silver can’t wait for summer vacation. Twelve-year-old Marigold is hoping to get her first kiss, while Zinnia, eleven, has plenty of time on her hands and will most likely spend it in Marigold’s shadow. And though five-year-old Lily may look like an angel, she has a knack for mischief.

But the sisters’ summer plans crumble when their parents send them to visit their aunt Sunny on Cape Cod. Small-town life is not what these L.A. girls had in mind, and they must adjust to sharing one room and living without a TV. Eventually, though, Aunt Sunny — along with her cheery attitude and delicious brownies — wins them over. Before they know it, the girls are cracking lobster shells at clambakes, making new friends, and even organizing a local talent show… all while learning how to band together as the strongest version of themselves: sisters. {Goodreads}

The Forget Me Not SummerNeed more convincing? Here’s what other reviewers had to say.
The Forget-Me-Not Summer is a great summery middle grade read, with a special focus on family and being true to yourself. I’d definitely recommend it!” {read the rest of the review at Alexa Loves Books HERE}.

“Leila Howland’s The Forget-Me-Not Summer is an adorable beach read for middle grade students. I wish I could have read this when I was a tween; I would have feel in love with it instantly” {read the rest of the review at Confessions of a Book Addict HERE}.

“I love the freedom and sense of peace that comes over their days; it seems like the perfect summer vacation to me especially since the girls have to unplug and go exploring to find adventure. I love that the girls take chances and dream big” {read the rest of the review at YA Book Nerd HERE}.

Let’s discuss! Have you read The Forget-Me-Not Summer or any other cute middle grades recently? Have you tried Howland’s young adult books? I surprisingly have not yet read either Nantucket Blue OR Nantucket Red, but given my enjoyment of this one, I think that will soon change. Finally, you know the quickest way to win me over with a novel? Pitch the book by comparing it to The Penderwicks – I’m instantly sold :)

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  1. […] I love me a cute middle grade contemporary {truly: I could spend days rattling off my favorites, from The Penderwicks to The Mother Daughter Book Club} so I was all sorts of excited to come across Leila Howland’s The Forget-Me-Not Summer. My first read by this beloved YA author didn’t disappoint, combining two of my favorite elements in one sweet story: sister dynamics and a small coastal town. My summer TBR pile is sure to include more from her backlist. {review} […]


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