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Hello!Musical MoodboardsLover of theater that I am, one of the ten items on my summer list this year is seeing a show. Although I haven’t even reached the halfway mark of my much-loved vacation, I have already checked off this item not once, but twice! Last week, I spent my nights assisting backstage in a local production of Carrie {that musical, based on Stephen King’s horror novel, is a story for another day}, and just weeks earlier, I attended a performance of Newsies on its national tour.

The talent of the enthusiastic Newsies cast and the first-rate choreography of each musical number made it easy to create a new musical moodboard for the show, a task that is usually easier said than done. The feature took a short break last month, but previous editions can be found HERE if you’re in the mood to browse!

Newsies Musical MoodboardSources: Newsies Cast Illustration / Newsboys Smoking Photo / Newsies Photo / Santa Fe Train Postcard / Newspaper Print / Newsboy Illustration / {FYI: I tried my best to provide you with the most accurate and updated sources, but please let me know of any problems or mistakes!}

Newsies, a story about the Newsboy Strike of 1899, originated as a box-office flop in the spring of 1992. Over the years, however, the film has grown into a cult classic, and it’s one I’m eager to see; Christian Bale is quoted as saying, “You say something bad about Newsies and you have an awful lot of people to answer to.” The story transitioned to the stage in late 2011, and it’s been a Broadway success story ever since.

True to the show’s style, I looked for images that reflected the life of a young city newsboy when working on the moodboard, whether it be a photograph of them smoking on the street, a wood print of the traditional newsie, or simply a print of newspaper advertisements. I also looked to different numbers for inspiration; the popularity of the musical’s song “Santa Fe,” for example, called for a vintage postcard picture of the city and the train that Jack Kelly sings of. Finally, I only needed to acknowledge the growing fandom behind the show with an illustration from a “fansie” and include a photo that captures the essence of the show before I wrapped this moodboard up.

Let’s discuss! Have you seen Newsies on stage or on film? Do you know or have you read anything on the Newsboy Strike of 1899? {I’m want to find a good book on it!} Finally, if you have seen a performance, did you love “Seize the Day,” or did you love “Seize the Day”?! :)

Have a terrific rest of your day!


10 thoughts on “Musical Moodboards / Newsies

  1. There’s someone whom we should not forget, and his name is Alan Menken. He gave us some of the best music in the 1990’s including this, and perennial favorites The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

    I love “King of New York” and “Santa Fe”; I listen to them on YouTube quite frequently.


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed Newsies! I saw it on Broadway a little over a year ago – on a newspaper trip to New York City, fittingly enough – and you’re right – that choreography is absolutely amazing. Although it’s a fascinating subject, I unfortunately don’t have any recommendations for books on the Newsboy Strike, but I love your moodboard!

    Side note: your summer vacation isn’t even halfway over. I’ll be in school at this time next week. *cries*


    • The choreography is by far my favorite part of the show. I couldn’t believe the talent of the dancers! The Newsboy Strike seems to be an overlooked subject in terms of historical fiction, so I don’t blame you for the lack of recommendations.

      And, eek! Starting school that soon sounds stressful. Best of luck in the new school year!

      Thank you for commenting! :)


  3. I’ve watched the film and listened to the Broadway soundtrack. There are parts from each that I prefer, and parts from each that I wish weren’t there. (Like the movie version’s love interest…) I think if we were to mash the two versions together, the musical would be perfect! ☺


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