Eye on Art / 09

Hi!Eye on ArtWith no tests to study for and zero essays to write, summer vacation has given me plenty of time to admire the work of talented artists. Whether I catch a glimpse of one’s art on Pinterest, see their illustrations throughout a magazine, or simply browse their online portfolio, the number of artists I’ve come to love has increased, making the job of choosing the few for a new round of Eye on Art harder, not easier.

Per usual, Eye on Art {click HERE for the feature archives} presents three creators, from a children’s book illustrator to a graphic designer, whose work has recently caught my eye. I get to share my love of art, the artists themselves receive well-deserved attention, and you may find creative inspiration – in other words, it’s a fun feature all around. Have you come across an inspiring artist in the past month?

Lisa CongdonOne element I love about this month’s artists is how distinct their style of art is. Here, for example, I can easily tell a piece is by Lisa Congdon for her skillful use of watercolor, her sharp eye for bright color combinations, and her playful taste in subject matter. Lisa is well-known in the art world for her extensive resume, having taught classes, written books, and spoken at venues in addition to her artwork, but I am most impressed with the versatility she displays as an artist. Like always, deciding on my favorite painting is no easy task, but I’m partial to the swimmers illustration – it’s a fitting choice with the swimming pool calling my name in this hot weather! {website}

Chris Silas NealOther book bloggers may recognize Chris Silas Neal’s work, as it frequently appears on the covers of middle grade and young adult novels {one being Kelly Lou Gilbert’s Conviction, shown above}. It was through reading The Game of Love and Death that I first found Chris’ portfolio, and ever since I’ve been a fan.

Like Lisa, Chris has honed his style throughout his career, using silhouettes, a rich color palette, and noticeable texture in each of his pieces; it comes as no surprise, then, that magazines and newspapers often commission him for his illustrations. To continue with the swimming theme, my favorite artwork is his collaboration with Kate Spade: an illustrated motion short with vintage-style swimmers. Yes please! {website}

Julia DenosFinally, Julia Denos is another artist who pleases the reader in me, albeit in a different sense; her work is not only on the covers of books, but inside them as well! When I came across her artwork in Just Being Audrey, an adorable picture book by Margaret Cardillo, it was love at first sight.

With a fondness for drawing young kids and high fashion, Julia has mastered the art of watercolor and expression, and one look at her website will show you that others have taken note. I would happily buy any of her children’s books illustrations for my bookshelf, but my favorite piece out of the ones shown is the party scene. I admire the attention to detail and the cohesive color combinations. {website}

Happy Monday! :)


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