Summer Lovin’ with Lulu from The Awesome Adventures of Lulu


Summer Lovin'

Another weekend brings another edition of Summer Lovin’, a two-month long feature here at Ciao Bella. Inspired by my own weekly Love Lists, I asked a few of my favorite teenage bloggers to post their summer-related picks, whether it be a good book, new film, or stylish accessory. I introduced this fun event a few weeks ago, and I will continue to share the guest posts throughout the summer!

For this week’s round of Summer Lovin’, I am ALL sorts of happy to welcome my little sister, Lulu, from The Awesome Adventures of Lulu! I may be biased, but her site is one of my absolute favorites to read; her posts on books and crafts never fail to brighten my day. Better yet? Lulu is just as amazing sister as she is a blogger, and I have no problem calling her my closest friend. Stop by her blog when you finishing reading her guest post – it’s sure to make your Friday awesome!

• • •

Percy JacksonFavorite Summer Read • One of my favorite summer traditions is curling up in a chair with all of the Percy Jackson books and diving into the world of Camp Half Blood for a few hours. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon – just add a glass of lemonade and you’re good to go! {On a related note, who else is excited for the release of Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes this August?}

Dance Academy{via}

Favorite Summer Television Show • Every morning, I roll out of bed and head downstairs to spend a couple lazy hours eating breakfast, reading blogs, and watching some shows on Netflix. My favorite? Dance Academy, an Australian TV program revolving around a group of teens that attend a prestigious ballet school. It’s as awesome as it sounds {and there’s a character named Lulu – what could be better?!}.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream{via}

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor • Cookies and Cream! Getting it in a cone with chocolate sprinkles is my go to order at our local ice cream stop, but when I make it in our ice cream maker, I like to experiment with other mix-ins and toppings. Chocolate Cookies and Cream with strawberries is oh-so yummy!

BadmintonFavorite Summer Activity • Bella and I have spent many a boring afternoon outside playing badminton in our backyard! We’ve had a few mishaps {lawn mowers destroying birdies, tree branches falling inches away from the net} but it’s lots of fun, even if you are playing with a birdie held together by duct tape.

The Last Ever After{via}

Summer Wishlist Item • Oh, this one is easy! I can’t wait for The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani to find it’s way into my hands in a few days. It’s the last book in my absolute favorite series, The School For Good and Evil, and I can’t wait to find out what happens to all of my favorite characters. I’ve been counting down the days since December!

• • •

Thank you to Lulu! I too am a Dance Academy fan, I believe cookies and cream ice cream is the best {strawberries are a must}, and I’m also looking forward to the next and final installment of The School for Good and Evil. We are practically the same person :)

You can say hello to Lulu on her blog here or see what she is reading on Goodreads here.

Have a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ with Lulu from The Awesome Adventures of Lulu

  1. I am from Australia, and I love Dance Academy. Its been a long time since I watched it, but I can remember clearly how much I enjoyed it. Loved this, and I love this feature! xoxo


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