Summer Lovin’ with Annie from The Runaway Reader


Summer Lovin'Another weekend brings another edition of Summer Lovin’, a two-month long feature here at Ciao Bella. Inspired by my own weekly Love Lists, I asked a few of my favorite teenage bloggers to post their summer-related picks, whether it be a good book, new film, or stylish accessory. I introduced this fun event last week, and I will continue to share the guest posts throughout the summer!

Today, I am all sorts of happy to host Annie from The Runaway Reader. Annie’s tweets are hilarious, and I’m hard-pressed to find a friendlier blogger; furthermore, each of her posts show a lot of thought and care, and they always brighten up my blog feed. Do stop by her site when you’re finished with her guest post, but until then, here’s Annie!

• • •

Hi everyone, I’m Annie from The Runaway Reader, and I’m super excited to have been given the opportunity by Bella to share with you some things I’m loving this summer! {And I had so much fun with this that I couldn’t help adding a few of my own categories!}

Small DamagesFavorite Summer Read • Summers, for me, aren’t summers if I’m not reading a bunch of YA contemporaries. In the same way some people mark their summers by a song they listen to non-stop, I mark my summers by the books I read. And looking back, the one book that really stands out to me as a summer read is Small Damages by Beth Kephart. I read it last summer and while it was difficult for me to get into, by the time I turned the last page, I was so enamoured by Kenzie’s story. If you’re someone who prefers a slightly more complex, layered contemporary, Small Damages is a great choice for the summer! Not only because it’s set during the summer but also because it has a great cast of characters, some seriously amazing writing and a great setting in Spain for all you armchair travellers. What more could you possibly ask for?

Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsFavorite Summer Film  Much like the books I read during the summer, I like my summer movies to be on the lighter side and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is my top choice for every summer. I’m a huge fan of the books as well {in fact I’m rereading them right now} but there’s something about the film that just makes me so happy every time I watch it. So yes, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as my choice for favourite summer film.

Chocolate Caramel Swirl Ice CreamFavorite Ice Cream Flavor • I am never one to turn down ice cream, no matter what flavour {unless it’s something crazy like cockroach soup, then I might have to reconsider}. All ice cream is great to me! And most of the time, it really comes down to what type of mood I’m in. Sometimes you want mint-chocolate-chip to cool down a bit but other times you want something a little more fun like bubble gum! So it’s difficult for me to really proclaim any ice cream flavour as my FAVOURITE but one I have really liked recently is a simple chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl. You can never go wrong with a chocolate ice cream in my opinion and when you add caramel to the mix, it can only get better!

Amusement ParkFavorite Summer Activity  The one thing I like to make sure I do every summer is make a visit to the amusement park. I love roller coasters, mostly for the rush of adrenaline I get on the drops, but the entire experience of going to an amusement park with friends is so much fun. Some of my best summer memories have taken place at amusement parks and though I haven’t been this summer yet, I’m determined to add another memory to my catalog.

Abigail Skirt from ReformationSummer Wishlist Item • If you asked me in May, I would have said the Arizona Birkenstock sandals but I ended up getting them in June {and they are every bit as comfortable as everyone says they are}. I’m not quite sure what my one wishlist item for this summer is – usually I just have a bunch of things I either see on Pinterest or in stores that I really want – but I recently came across this skirt from Reformation and fell in love. I absolutely adore the scalloped hem and the buttons running down the middle and it’s definitely something I can envision myself wearing all summer long.

Hamburger and FriesFavorite Summer Food • HAMBURGERS AND FRIES, NO QUESTION.

Iced TeaFavorite Summer Drink • Iced tea has and always will be my top choice for summer drink. It’s refreshing but also super tasty and there are so many ways you can customize it which makes iced tea a fantastic way to battle those hot, sticky summer days and nights.

GoldrushedFavorite Summer Song • My summer playlist changes up each year but ONE song always manages to shimmy its way into my playlist year after year: Goldrushed by The Royal Concept. It’s a song that I can never get enough of, no matter how many times I listen to it {which is very unusual for me}, and with its upbeat melody, it just always manages to encapsulate in its sound what summer is to me.

Essie Nail Polish BlancFavorite Summer Nail Polish • So I realize that this category might be a bit ridiculous but surely I’m not the only one who has a favourite nail polish colour they wear all summer long? Last summer it was this bright pink {Macbeth by Butter London} and this summer, it’s white. Yes, just white. This year, I’ve somehow fallen in love with white nails so I know this summer, I’m going to be wearing my favourite white nail polish – Essie’s Blanc – 24/7.

• • •

A HUGE thank you to Annie! I make sure to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants each year, and I hope to read the book this summer as well. And can you ever go wrong with the classic combination of a hamburger and fries?! I think not :) If you are feeling the blog love this morning, visit Annie on her blog, Twitter, Instagram, or Goodreads.

To my American readers, have a wonderful Fourth of July, and to everyone else, I wish you a lovely weekend!


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