Summer Lovin’ with Ana from Butterflies of the Imagination


Summer Lovin'I’m excited to introduce a special edition of The Love List, a regular series here on Ciao Bella, for the summer: Summer Lovin’! Inspired by my own weekly feature, I have invited a few of my favorite teenage bloggers to share their summer-themed favorites, from a good book to a fun activity, throughout June, July, and August.

To kick off the event, I am delighted to welcome Ana from Butterflies of the Imagination. Ana is the absolute sweetest, and she has an excellent taste in novels {she is a fellow Harper Lee fan!}, so I encourage you to pay her a visit when you finish reading through her summer picks. Without further ado, here’s Ana!

• • •

Hi, I’m Ana, and I blog over at Butterflies of the Imagination. I’m a huge fan of Bella’s blog, so when she asked me to guest post, I was unbelievably excited. I hope you enjoy my list of summer favorites!

Chasing JupiterFavorite Summer Read • Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker is the perfect summer read for me, not only because it takes place during the summer but also because it is beautifully written. In this book we meet Scarlett, a teen girl with an autistic brother named Cliff. When Cliff asks for a rocket to Jupiter for his birthday, Scarlett is determined to make his wish come true. This novel is full of humor, heartache and lots of peach pie, making it absolutely perfect for the summer.

TomorrowlandFavorite Summer Film • At the beginning of the summer, I was lucky enough to see Tomorrowland in theaters. I’ve come to expect only brilliance from Disney’s productions, and I’m glad to say that this film lived up those expectations. I love how it features two strong female heroines that aren’t afraid to carve their own paths as scientists and innovators. I also enjoyed seeing the wonderful depiction of Tomorrowland {I really want to live there!}. And to top it all off, the inspirational message of everyone’s ability to create the future they want to see touched me and is sure to touch all viewers of the movie.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream{via}

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor • Mint and chocolate have always been, and will always be, my favorite taste combination. When paired with ice cream, the rich taste of chocolate and the refreshing taste of mint gets even better. I’m looking forward to lots of mint chcolate ice cream this summer.

RunningFavorite Summer Activity • One thing that fills up each of my summers is running. This summer I’m looking forward to daily runs with my cross-country team. I am especially looking forward to long runs, which are perfect for exploring new trails and bonding with my teammates, as well as other teams. After runs, I know I’ll look forward to recovering with some watermelon and a plunge into a cold stream nearby.

Navy Anchor SkirtSummer Wishlist Item • Ever since I read Chasing Jupiter, I have been an avid follower of Rachel Coker’s blog. Soon enough, through her blog I learned that her sister, Hannah Coker, has an Etsy shop called Hannah Everly. She sells cute skirts that are modest without sacrificing style. I have my eye on her Navy Anchor skirt, which I think is the perfect summery skirt for a trip to the beach.

• • •

Thank you again to Ana! I too loved Tomorrowland, and I’ll certainly keep my eye out for Chasing Jupiter – it sounds fantastic. Be sure to visit Ana’s blog HERE or become friends with her on Goodreads HERE.

Have a terrific Friday, an even better weekend, and happy summer! :)


10 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ with Ana from Butterflies of the Imagination

  1. Yes! Two of my favorite bloggers combined! I love it. ;)
    Rachel and Hannah Coker are both very awesome people, aren’t they, Ana? I’m dying to get my hands on one of Hannah’s skirts.
    Sadly, I haven’t seen Tomorrowland yet, but I’m super excited about it. I’ve heard only good things.
    One thing: I have to disagree with you on mint chocolate chip ice cream. Butter pecan is THE bomb. :D


  2. I’m so excited for these posts Bella! This is such a good idea and Ana had such interesting answers for these categories! Mint chocolate ice cream is a favourite of mine as well. I will never understand those who think it tastes like toothpaste. WHO ARE YOU AND HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK THAT.


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