My Summer 2015 TBR List


Top Ten TuesdayTBR posts indulge my inner bookworm. If there’s anything I like just as much as reading books, it’s discovering and discussing them with others! As is tradition here at Ciao Bella, I use The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday annual prompt {Top Ten Books on my Summer To-Be-Read List} to share everything I plan to read in the coming months, whether the books are newly released, checked out from the library, or required for school. I can’t wait to trade my study guides and notebooks for a good YA novel next week when I get out of school! What are you planning to read this summer?

More Happy Than Not2015 has been an incredible year for debut novelists, and I have been so impressed with the new talent emerging in the YA genre. Although I have devoured one debut after another, there is one that I am still eager to read: Adam Silvera’s contemporary release, More Happy Than Not. Bringing issues of race, class, and sexuality to the forefront, it sounds – and is sure to be – amazing.

Dog Beach UnleashedI first discovered Lisa Greenwald’s books in elementary school, and I instantly claimed her work as one of my favorites; although her novels are intended for the middle grade audience, I continue to read them today because they are just so CUTE! The next installment in her newest series, The Seagate Summer books, came out last month, so here’s hoping I can grab it before summer ends. {review of Book One}

The Last Ever AfterLiving in the same house of School for Good and Evil’s biggest fan {i.e. my sister, who blogs over HERE!}, never a day goes by without me hearing the latest countdown to the third book’s release. The Last Ever After – an appropriate name, given it’s the conclusion to the series – hits shelves on July 21, and I’ll be reading it as soon as my sister is willing to give it up :) {reviews: 1 / 2}

Never Always SometimesAdi Alsaid made his name known in YA realistic fiction with his contemporary release, Let’s Get Lost, last year, earning himself a wide audience of fans in the process. Though I have not yet read Let’s Get Lost, countless reviews have assured me it’s the perfect summer read, and I expect no different of a case with Alsaid’s newest novel, Never, Always, Sometimes. This summer is the perfect opportunity to read both!

Like It Never HappenedWhen I came across Emily Adrian’s debut, the synopsis caught my eye right away; there’s drama {the stage kind}, drama {the rumors and betrayal kind}, and a “forbidden” romance, all of which combines for a terrific-sounding read. The reviews have been varied thus far, but only time what tell what I think myself. I just snagged it from my local library, so it will be the first book on this list that I will tackle!

The Curious World of Calpurnia TateIt has been years since I read Jacqueline Kelly’s award-winning novel, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, but I may need to revisit it if I plan to read the sequel coming out next month! Following up in the first book’s success, Kelly returns to the story of Callie Vee and the Tate family and introduces the injustices Callie faces as a girl in 1900’s Texas. Yes and yes.

Goodbye StrangerRebecca Stead is another award-winner coming out with a new publication; I’ll be grabbing her contemporary novel, Goodbye Stranger, as soon as it comes out on August 4th. Highly praised by what seems like anyone and everyone, Stead’s novel is a “layered discussion of bodies, feminism, the male {and female} gaze, female friendships, relationships, and betrayals,” according to this SLJ review. Exciting? You bet.

Daughter of Deep SilenceI’m always on the lookout for a thriller I can stomach, and this summer’s answer looks like Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan. Ryan’s new novel captured my attention with its gorgeous cover, and the brief summary found on Goodreads had me even more intrigued. Set on a luxury yacht after a terrible tragedy, the story is told from the unreliable perspective of Frances Mace. How could you not be interested?!

Silver in the BloodJessica Day George seems like the sweetest person – it helps that her books are so well written. Known for her fairy tale retellings, George is switching over to the paranormal side of fantasy with her newest novel, Silver in the Blood. I have such high hopes, but I don’t think I will be disappointed! I just have to wait for my sister, just as big of a fan of JDG as she is Soman Chainani, to read it first.

The Sound of Life and EverythingFinally, I like to strike a nice balance in my summer reading with middle grade and young adult books, a task that sounds more difficult than it is, especially with so many good-sounding MG novels on their way! The Sound of Life and Everything by Krista Van Dolzer is one I hope to get soon; Dolzer’s debut takes place in California in the 1950’s, and it explores the racism felt by the Japanese after the war.

Of course, my summer TBR post wouldn’t be complete without my annual library haul photos! I was a bit greedy in stocking up on summer reads this year – I have just over fifty books checked out :) Fortunately, they are all free and easy to renew and grab again!

Endless Library Haul 2015My “official” summer reading books for school are A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson {not excited}, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan {haven’t decided my thoughts just yet}, and The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant {looks good to me!}.

Have an awesome Tuesday!


12 thoughts on “My Summer 2015 TBR List

  1. WOW. That is an impressive library haul! How do you even get all those books home? :) Never, Always, Sometimes has been on my reading radar lately as well, and hopefully my library will get a copy soon so I can read it ASAP. Happy reading!


  2. Wow! I am so jealous of that library haul. I see a lot of good titles in there. I am seeing Saint Anything pop up on so many TBR’s that I am glad to say I have already read and enjoyed it – usually I haven’t read what a lot of people post. Enjoy your summer!


    • I’ve heard so many good things about it that I can’t wait to start reading it! I managed to get plenty of new and great-sounding titles, so I’m excited too. Thank you so much for stopping by and happy summer! :)


  3. Oh my god Bella, your library haul is INSANE and it’s making me incredibly envious here although I would never in a million years be able finish these books EVER although reading all those books does seem like a perfect way to spend the summer. But I believe in you! There are so many books I’ve spotted that I’m so excited for myself so you’ll have to tell me how you found them!

    And apparently The Joy Luck Club is quite good? I personally haven’t read it but I know a friend of mine read it for school as well and really enjoyed it. Anyway happy reading! And have a great summer!


    • Oh my, I know it’s SO INSANE. Thank you for your confidence – I hope I can get to them all!

      And I am glad to hear a good review of The Joy Luck Club! Better to go into it with a good opinion :) Happy reading and happy summer to you as well!


  4. I’ve never read The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, but I really want to. It sounds like a wonderful book with a great protagonist, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. I also want to read The Sound of Life and Everything. I was lucky enough to interview Krista Van Dolzer on my blog, and she was so sweet. Reading her answers about how she writes historical fiction only solidified my desire to read her debut.

    Your library book pile is humongous. Oh my gosh. HOW?!?


    • The covers of the Calpurnia Tate novels are some of my absolute favorites, and the stories inside are just as good. I remember reading your interview with Krista Van Dolzer – it was what led me to discover her debut! And, my gosh, I have no idea how it got so big :)


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