Style Snapshot / My Wardrobe Wishlist


Style SnapshotAt the end of a long week, I find there are few greater pleasures than flipping through the latest copy of Teen Vogue or Seventeen. The articles are easy reading, the interviews are interesting, and the fashion spreads provide plenty of outfit inspiration! I frequently cut out images that catch my eye and then pin up on my bulletin board, a habit that served as the inspiration for this month’s Style Snapshot. Whose closets would I steal from if given the chance? In good fun, I’m sharing the celebrities whose style I constantly adore and envy. Who do you look to for fashion inspiration?

Kiernan ShipkaSince I am not a Mad Men viewer, I only know Kiernan from what I’ve read online and in print. Even so, I can say with the utmost confidence that she is one of the most stylish teens in Hollywood. Whether she is rocking a trend straight off of the runway or wearing a simple, yet stunning, ensemble on the street, Kiernan always retains her classic sense of style. Did I mention she’s only fifteen?! Clearly, age doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion :)

Raffey CassidyI’ve been crushing on Raffey Cassidy’s red carpet wear ever since I saw her star in Tomorrowland; she’s been sporting one cute dress after another {My favorite? The one on the far left}! At age twelve, Raffey is another young actress breaking into the fashion scene, and if she keeps her current choices up, she’ll have a spot on my inspiration board for years to come.

Emma StoneEmma Stone has already impressed me with her acting talent, so her fashionable tastes only add to my admiration! Like everyone on this list, Emma always looks terrific on and off the red carpet; she can wear a navy blue floral dress just as easily as she can sport a bright blue blazer and skinny jeans. What else do I love about Emma’s signature look? Her hair, which never looks anything less than terrific.

Sarah VickersWhile not the typical celebrity, Sarah Vickers is famous in her own right; she is part of the Kiel James Patrick team, is the blogger behind Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and is envied across social media for her preppy wardrobe. I love seeing her modern twists on classic combinations and silhouettes, and her eye for accessories is a skill I hope to learn. Sarah can also rock sunglasses like no other fashion blogger.

Emma WatsonFinally, Emma Watson is a favorite celebrity of mine for her work in the feminist movement, but I’ll admit, I admire her sense of style as well. Emma looks stunning in almost any piece of clothing – just look above for a few examples! Elegant in both a tailored suit and a spot-on sweatshirt, Emma needs nothing but her gorgeous smile to finish her look.

Have a lovely Monday!


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