Eye on Art / 08


Eye on ArtHappy weekend! As any high schooler can understand, the end of the school year is all too hectic with events, tests, and other assignments packed in the last three weeks. Due to June’s busy schedule, I may be popping in on the weekends throughout the month to fit in a few more blog posts {and to provide myself a studying break!}. First up is June’s edition of Eye on Art, featuring three more inspiring artists for you to discover and love. If you are in need of more creative inspiration, browse this feature’s archives HERE for typographers, illustrators, and painters galore! Has any art caught your eye recently?

Mina PriceIf there’s anything I’ve learned by taking years of art classes, it’s that character drawing is difficult. Mastering the proportions of the figure and the details of the face is no easy task, but Mina Price makes it seem effortless with her portfolio of lifestyle art. Mina’s distinct illustrative style, an interesting blend of traditional and digital art, has been featured in a number of publications, while her literary fan art appears frequently on Tumblr and Pinterest. I personally admire her skill in facial expression and value. There are several pieces in her collection that I’ve fallen in love with, but the reading nook illustration is my favorite – likely because I want a room of bookshelves myself! {website}

Teli DuncanAlthough Teli Duncan’s portfolio of colorful paintings and Mina Price’s detailed collection of figure studies are an unlikely comparison, the two artists do have a similarity: they are exemplars in their field of art. Teli stands out among contemporary painters with her vivid brush stokes and rainbow palette, both of which bring life to her paintings of animals, people, and settings. As summer vacation nears, I am particularly drawn to her beach scenes, dotted with patterned umbrellas and hazy aqua water, though her cow work also brings a smile to my face. I won’t even try to pick a favorite from her portfolio; we all know how that would end! :) {website}

Danielle KrollFinally, if art could be “happy,” Danielle Kroll’s would certainly be my first choice! With her whimsical illustrations, a subdued, yet varied, choice in color, and superb eye for composition, it is no wonder Danielle is so well known; her work for various magazines, shops, and bloggers hasn’t hurt her career either. It’s easy to imagine her illustrations on a child’s bedroom walls, but I believe many of her pieces would be just as much at home in an upscale loft. I myself would gladly take any of her original prints home, especially her quirky cityscape pattern! {website}

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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