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The Love ListHappy Friday! Here’s what I’m loving…

Pitch Perfect 21 ♥ Pitch Perfect 2 I’ll admit: when I first went to see Pitch Perfect a few years ago, I expected nothing more than a light, if forgettable, musical comedy. Though I entered the movie theater with low expectations, I exited the movie theater a new fan – and I clearly wasn’t the only one! Since then, I have eagerly been awaiting the return of the Barden Bellas in the film’s sequel Pitch Perfect 2, which was finally released last weekend. Pitch Perfect alum, like Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Britney Snow, are joined by new additions, Hailee Steinfeld and Chrissie Fit, as the cast of characters enter an international a cappella competition. It the reviews are correct, it’s just as entertaining as its predecessor, so I’m super excited to watch it myself. Have you seen or plan to see Pitch Perfect 2?


2 ♥ Brimfield My family and I have often talked about going to Brimfield, the largest antiques show in New England, but it wasn’t until last weekend that we finally had the chance to check it out! While my knowledge of antiques is limited to my watching of Market Warriors, we made a fun afternoon of strolling the antique fields and buying scoops of ice cream. The May segment ended on Sunday, but if you still have interest and can make the trip, Brimfield shows are also in July and August. It’s the perfect day trip for antiques novices and experts alike!

Mosquitoland3 ♥ Mosquitoland Just as there are so many books I want to read, I usually have a long list of books I want to review too! Between school and other commitments, however, sometimes even the best of novels don’t receive the attention I wish I could give them. For example? David Arnold’s debut, Mosquitoland, a book I read back in March, but am only thinking now to mention. It received plenty of praise and press – all of it well-deserved – when it was first published, so if you haven’t checked it out or added it to your TBR list yet, there’s no time like the present. I really enjoyed it, as I have no doubt you will too! 

MasterChef4 ♥ MasterChef The summer season of television has begun, starting with Wednesday’s premiere of MasterChef! I have long been a fan of this cooking competition show, so I was ready to watch the new season with the latest addition to the judging panel, Christina Tosi. So far, so good, I believe: it’s a strong line-up of home cooks with varying {and entertaining} personalities. Once So You Think You Can Dance begins, my summer show schedule will be complete! :) If anything, these reality programs are welcome distractions in the final weeks of the school year.

Long Weekend{via}

5 ♥ The Long Weekend Finally, even with a few weeks left of school, I like to think that Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer! I’m looking forward to having an extra day to sleep in, read a few books {I have The Winner’s Crime and The Start of Me and You on my nightstand}, and wrap up a few blogging posts and projects. Long weekends can brighten up even the busiest of Fridays! Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Have a wonderful day!


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