Eye on Art / 07


Eye on ArtWe’ve already made it to this month’s edition of Eye on Art, which gives us three more artists to adore and brings us one step closer to summer! Today’s featured illustrators, painters, and embroiders are sure to brighten your Monday morning with their talent. I urge you to take a peek at their portfolios, send some love, and share your own favorite artists of the month as well. How has your May been?! :)

Kelli MurrayGive only one look at Kelli Murray’s online portfolio, and I have little doubt you’ll leave captivated by her stunning pieces of art. I first came across her illustration work when she submitted desktop downloads to Design Love Fest {they were gracing my phone and laptop all week}, but she is clearly no amateur artist, having been a full-time freelancer since 2011. I love how each picture in Kelli’s collection evokes a feeling that is both magical and natural, and her strength in a variety of mediums can’t go unnoticed. I usually find picking a favorite for each artist I feature difficult, but her floral work, such as the illustration of the vase above, easily won my heart. {website}

Rachel CastleI’m embarrassed to say that while I have seen countless examples of Rachel Castle’s artwork across social media, I have never taken the time to look more into her work. Fortunately, I stumbled upon her site by chance and fell in love with her illustration and embroidery pieces all over again – I won’t be forgetting the URL anytime soon! A skillful use of color and a youthful spirit are trademarks in Rachel’s portfolio; her embroidery collection has no shortage of cheery quotes and patterns, while her illustration work includes everything from abstract florals to multi-colored bananas. What would I buy first? The “Love All People” piece, certain to bring positivity into the home. {website}

Julia RothmanFinally, Julia Rothman is known for her detailed patterns, and if the examples shown aren’t explanation enough, a visit to her website will certainly be! Like the artists I featured before, I didn’t set out to find Julia’s portfolio; it was a stroke of luck that led me to this talented artist’s collection. Her patterns range in subject – my summer longing influenced the choices above – but they all share common traits: skillful line work and superb color choice. I hope to find a few of the books she has illustrated, but meanwhile, we can discuss our favorite pieces. My choice? The boats and houses, no doubt. {website}

Have a lovely Monday!


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