Musical Moodboards / Finding Neverland

Hello!Musical MoodboardsJust as it takes time to write a novel or film a movie, the process from script to stage is a long one. While I have great admiration for the creative teams of theatrical productions, it’s rare that their stories are turned into a performance of their own. One of the few exceptions, however, is the playwright behind Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, whose troubled life and close relationship with the Llewelyn Davies family is now being told in the musical, Finding Neverland. This production finally made its way to Broadway, offering me the perfect opportunity to create this month’s Musical Moodboard. New to this fun feature?! Not to fear – you can catch up on past examples HERE!

Finding Neverland Musical MoodboardSources: Kensington Gardens Painting / Moon Clock / Finding Neverland Logo / Victorian Theater / Pirate Ship Painting by Robert Ingpen / {FYI: I tried my best to provide you with the most accurate and updated sources, but please let me know of any problems or mistakes!}

Finding Neverland opened a mere two weeks ago, but I was one of the first crowds to see it on a trip with my drama and choir department. I feel so lucky, as I loved every second of the performance. The show hasn’t been praised by critics, but I suspect the star appeal, stunning technical elements, and family-friendly musical numbers will continue to draw in crowds.

Finding images for such a strong production proved difficult, but I managed to strike the same balance in old and new as the musical does. The logo captures the show in a single image, earning my designer stamp of approval, while Felicia Simion’s “moon clock” photo alludes to the show’s themes of taking flight and pressing time. The most important settings, the park and the theater, were included, as was a pirate ship, in honor of the fantastic Act One closing, “Stronger.” Both the moodboard and show are new favorites of mine; nothing makes me happier than good theater and design :)

Let’s discuss! Do you want to see Finding Neverland? Have you watched the 2004 film of the same name that inspired the musical? Finally, have you noticed the growing trend of Peter Pan books, films, and other forms of entertainment? J.M. Barrie’s tale is taking over, but I don’t find that a bad thing.

Have a lovely Monday!


8 thoughts on “Musical Moodboards / Finding Neverland

  1. Aww, it’s so pretty! I just watched the film and I adored it! I’ve watched almost every adaption of Peter Pan, and Finding Neverland instantly became my favorite. My chorus group is hopefully doing Disney’s Peter Pan next year. I’m also excited for the new movie Pan!


  2. The musical just missed a Best Musical nomination for the Tony Awards (the nominations were announced a while ago). I still have high hopes for this show though, and perhaps a cast recording or a Tony Award performance can help to boost the public’s awareness of this show.


    • Oh, what a shame! {And thanks for the heads up about the nominations – I forgot they were being announced today! :)} I also hope a performance or recording will boost public attention. It’s a fabulous production, and I would hate for people to miss it!


      • It is one of the flubs that everyone is talking about now. It is the show that has very mixed critical reviews… Pretty much in the shoes of Aladdin last year. But at least Aladdin fared much better in terms of nominations, since it won one Tony and had four other nods including Best Musical. Finding Neverland would find a growing fanbase soon I hope! I will try its cast album should there be one.

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