loving >> week 153


The Love ListI’m loving…


1 ♥ Jane Austen Cover to Cover While my list of beloved classics is long and forever growing, Jane Austen’s works, from the passionate and popular romance, Pride and Prejudice, to the hilarious matchmaking tale of Emma, will always hold a dear place in my heart. My Austen adoration is equally matched by my love for a good book cover, so Margaret C. Sullivan’s Jane Austen Cover to Cover, a fascinating collection of the designs that grace Austen’s novels, couldn’t have found a more excited reader. Sullivan’s knowledge on Austen is evident, and her commentary on the covers engages Janeites of all ages {I imagine Sullivan and Austen would bond over their witty styles of writing}. I adored the book, and I happily recommend buying your own copy – I certainly plan to!

The Beehive Cafe2 ♥ The Beehive Café There’s nothing like a few days off from school to make you feel productive, but even then, day trips and a bit of adventure are needed! My family and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather {think sunshine and a light breeze} and explored the Blithewold Mansion and Gardens earlier in the week. To finish off of our daytime jaunt, we stopped at The Beehive Café, a cozy restaurant in downtown Bristol. The food lives up to the adorable name; I ordered the Pearl Couscous Salad, a recipe I can’t wait to recreate at home! I highly recommend stopping there if you ever find yourself in Rhode Island, if not to grab a meal, than to at least try one of their tasty looking baked goods. Where do you like to eat in the summertime? We keep a long list of places to look into :)

Lemon & Line Logo3 ♥ Lemon & Line I’m not a complete “prep,” but, as you could guess from this month’s Style Snapshot, I love a stylish accessory. I was introduced to the Newport-based brand, Lemon and Line, through my friend Paulina’s site, and I’ve been eyeing their cute rope bracelets ever since. I was delighted to receive the bright coral bracelet from their Vineyard collection as a small gift, and I’ve been pairing it with everything in my spring, and soon-to-be summer, wardrobe. Do you like anything on the Lemon and Line site?

Brooklyn Castle4 ♥ Brooklyn Castle I love watching documentaries, but I’ll be the first to admit that I see far too few of them. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when my family suggested I watch Brooklyn Castle, a documentary they recently checked out of the library. I was happy to take on their offer, and, as they hinted at, I enjoyed it quite a bit! The film follows the I.S. 318, a middle school in Brooklyn, chess team, known for their success in nationwide chess tournaments. It convinced me that I should learn how to play chess, but the movie was also such an interesting look into city school systems and the benefits of the game. The documentary was released in 2012 – it’s nothing new – but do give it a try if you come across it in the library. Do you have any documentaries to recommend?

Pocket Princesses{a recent one via Amy’s site}

5 ♥ Pocket Princesses Finally, my week is made whenever Amy Mebberson posts a new edition of Pocket Princesses. These adorable pieces of art feature the Disney princesses in hilarious scenarios, many of which make reference to their own stories. I can’t get enough of them {many thanks to Lulu, my sister, who introduced them to me!}, and they usually leave me wanting to watch Frozen again :) Go spread some love to Amy and her terrific artwork HERE!

Have a fantastic start to your weekend!


5 thoughts on “loving >> week 153

  1. Brooklyn Castles looks so cool! I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve always been interested in learning how to play chess, so maybe watching that documentary will finally motivate me to do so!


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