Pros & Cons / Honey by Sarah Weeks


Pros and ConsWhen I read Pie by Sarah Weeks several years ago, I was instantly captivated by the old-fashioned setting and delightful cast of the characters {the fact that it was yet another children’s book about baking didn’t hurt either :)}. Given how much I enjoyed it, you can imagine my excitement when I came across the companion novel, aptly named Honey, that was released earlier this year; I grabbed my own copy and blew through this short read in one sitting! Once again, Weeks brings animals antics, layered relationships, and charming simplicity, easily securing her a spot on my auto-read list. My full thoughts are below, if you need further convincing.

Here’s the book jacket summary, for your convenience: For a girl like Melody and a dog like Mo, life can be both sticky and sweet. Melody has lived in Royal, Indiana, for as long as she can remember. It’s been just her and her father, and she’s been okay with that. But then she overhears him calling someone Honey — and suddenly it feels like everyone in Royal has a secret. It’s up to Melody and her best friend, Nick, to piece together the clues and discover why Honey is being hidden. Meanwhile, a dog named Mo is new to Royal. He doesn’t remember much from when he was a puppy… but he keeps having dreams of a girl he is bound to meet someday. This girl, he’s sure, will change everything. {Goodreads}

Honey Pros and ConsAround the Web: “Short and sweet are the best words to describe this new middle grade novel from Sarah Weeks. Though there are some sad situations, it is largely a feel-good story filled with hope and gentle humor” {read the rest of the review at Story Time Secrets HERE}.

“This story was just as wonderful as Pie.  It is a delightful little novel with larger than life characters that spring off the page” {read the rest of the review at Read Wonder HERE}.

Let’s discuss! Have you checked out any of Sarah Weeks’ books? Do you love a good food or baking centered novel? Finally, what have you been reading as of late?

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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