Eye on Art / 06


Eye on ArtApril is zipping right along; we’ve already made it to this month’s edition of Eye on Art! Those new to the feature need not worry, I have an explanation handy. Eye on Art is a monthly feature in which I highlight three of my favorite artists, whether they work in illustration, photography, or graphic design, discuss their portfolio, and send you to shower them with love. I get to browse collections of lovely artwork, you have new artists to adore, and they get support for the work they produce – it’s a win-win all around, if you ask me. Have you come across any artwork that you’ve loved lately?

Angela LiMy favorite illustrations tend to share a few distinct qualities: a rich use of color, adorable subject matters, and a trademark style of drawing. Angela Li’s work hits all three, so it was practically love at first sight when I came across her online portfolio! Disney regularly commissions this talented artist, and she is slowly, but surely, making her name known as a children’s book illustrator. Narrowing down my favorites is near impossible {when it not super difficult?!}, but the unique concept of her “Vermelho” pictures – a project based off a reimagined Little Red Riding Hood – make them particular standouts. {website}

Merve ÖzaslanWhen I draft up my Eye on Art posts, I typically feature typographers or illustrators, but I have recently come across more and more artists that push the boundaries with different forms of media. Merve Özaslan, based in Turkey, is one example of such an artist; her collages combine photos of city and natural life for high impact. I love how eye-catching her work is, and I believe she’s captured the “fact that each of us is part of nature,” as she writes on her site, so well. My favorite? The girl jumping into the ocean on the top right, but I would choose any of her pieces to hang on my walls. {website}

Chloé FleuryFinally, I have little doubt that you’ve come across Chloé Fleury’s work before; she’s worked with high-name brands, from Gap to Kate Spade, and has appeared on a number of popular blogs. Her artwork is adorable, but what I find so impressive is that it’s made entirely out of paper. I am fascinated at how she uses the material to create even the smallest of details {think the iPod or sunglasses above}, and furthermore, how her pieces never appear less than perfect. I may never know the magic behind her work, but I can easily list my favorite: the chic green car with the suitcases on top! {website}

Have a terrific start to your week!


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