Eye on Art / 05


Eye on ArtFinals, state testing, and school projects are no fun, friends, especially when they come right after one another. Blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat to studying, but I hope to get back on a regular schedule as my tests wrap up later this week. To make up for my lack of blogging, I thought I would pop in over the weekend to share this month’s edition of Eye on Art! As always, this feature remains one I look forward to drafting up; it lets me browse through outstanding artwork and highlight the talented creators behind them. I would happily have any pieces from the following three artists on my walls! Has any art caught your eye recently?

Mary Kate McDevittWhen it comes to outstanding hand lettering, there’s clearly no shortage of typographers to look up to. My own list of inspiring artists is endless, but Mary Kate McDevitt has long been at the top! Whether her gorgeous work is featured in an advertisement, on a book cover, or a magazine issue, McDevitt’s work is an exemplar in her field, and I can only strive to reach the same level of creative talent. Some of my favorites are shown above, because how in the world could I choose just one?! {website}

Carson EllisRegular readers of middle grade or children’s books will recognize Carson Ellis’ simple, but stunning, artwork; she has illustrated the covers of the Wildwood books, The Mysterious Benedict Society series, and also wrote a new – and adorable looking – picture book, Home! I’m in awe of her limited color palette {she has used only seven different hues from the beginning of her career}, but furthermore, I love the moods her illustrations evoke. I could look through her portfolio all day long. {website}

OamulFinally, I have to credit my mom for leading me to Oamul’s whimsical and colorful illustrations last spring. It can be a difficult process for any artist to define their style, but there’s no doubt Oamul has honed his artistic skill, as just one look through his portfolio will tell you. Although I have fallen in love with many of his collections, I believe the “One Scene” artwork, where he depicts a scene from a popular film, is my favorite. Can you recognize Nick and Gatsby in the picture above? {website}

Have a wonderful Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Eye on Art / 05

  1. These pictures all look beautiful, and I love getting to see new and different artists and the different styles they use to mark out their craft… I like Oamul and Carson Ellis quite a bit—I think they warrant a little more research!


    • I too love discovering new and different artists, whether through another site, Pinterest, or in a magazine. As you said, it’s so interesting to note the different styles used! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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