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The Love ListI’m loving…

Cinderella1 ♥ Cinderella Although this trend has its haters, I have adored the recent increase in live action, fairy tale remakes; Disney’s newest film, Cinderella, hits theaters today, putting yet another one of their beloved characters into the spotlight. The previews forecast an excellent movie {with Downton Abbey star, Lily James, on board though, I wouldn’t expect anything less}, but I would watch just to catch a glimpse of the intricate and gorgeous gowns. Do you plan to see Cinderella during its opening weekend? {In other Disney news, Frozen 2 makes my heart happy :)}.

Kate Spade Kids Collection2 ♥ Kate Spade’s Kids Collection After the success of the Kate Spade and Gap Kids collaboration, the recent launch of their own children’s line came as no surprise. Fortunately, these new – and much smaller – items are just as cute and true to the Kate Spade style as their adult counterparts. The pieces run up to size 14, so petite girls should give some of the shirts, skirts, and dresses a second look – I’ve shared some of my own favorites above! The jeweled collar of the Embellished Jensen Top caught my eye right away; I’d imagine it would be great for year-long use. Similarly, I was drawn to the striped Jillian Dress for the adorable bow belt! Finally, the Dorothy Jacket is one showstopper of a piece, from its distinct collar to the bright pink color. Are you a regular Kate Spade shopper?

Feminists Talk Books3 ♥ Feminist Talk Books Although much of my Bloglovin’ feed consists of lovely reading-related sites, I’m always on the lookout for a new book blog. One of my new favorite reads? Feminist Talk Books, written by a team of talented book bloggers who share a passion for women’s rights. I love the idea behind their reviews {as said in their bio, their posts look at “books through a feminist lens”} because the written word can be such a powerful tool in the fight for gender equality. Thankfully, the blog was just started up, so catching up on posts should be a breeze. Be sure to visit them HERE and spread some love!

Boden Summer 20154 ♥ Johnnie B Summer 2015 Releases I can think of no better way to brighten my day than new Boden items. The summer rollout was earlier this week, and it had me dreaming of sun, vacation, and swimming – all welcome thoughts as the snow slowly melts! As always, narrowing down my favorite items was incredibly difficult {I would put everything in my cart if I could! :)}, but the four pieces above are ones I hope to add to my closet in the coming months: The Chino Shorts in the new souvenir print were love at first sight, as was the Scoop Neck Tee with the spectacular flamingo graphical; there are so many cute new dresses, but I thought the Innes Dress was particularly stunning; and finally, the Annie Top is perfect for spring to summer transition.

Humans of New York Book{via Amazon}

5 ♥ Humans of New York Book Finally, I was delighted when Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York came in at the library. I’ve long been a reader of his popular photography blog, and I’m sure his book is full of the same authentic touch he brings to each portrait. With a weekend of studying for finals up ahead, I’ll need the light reading!

Have a wonderful Friday!


8 thoughts on “loving >> week 150

  1. I literally just returned form the movie theater where I saw Cinderella. It’s been an incredibly long week of torturous standardized testing, so my friends and I decided to relax by eating pizza and going to see a movie. I had no idea that today was actually the premiere, though. :) It was a really good movie. It stayed very close to the actual storyline, but I loved seeing it in live action, and THOSE COSTUMES! CAN I JUST TAKE A MOMENT?


    • I was in a similar situation! With finals coming up and a stressful week at school, my friend and I decided to see it and relax before the weekend. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and YES, the costumes were stunning. Thanks for commenting! :)


  2. Those Kate Spade kids clothes are SO CUTE! If we had a store where I’d live, I’d totally go and see how they looked on me (I’m tiny haha). And ohhh! I’ve seen the HONY book everywhere, but I think I’ll have to look at it the next time I do. His photos are always so touching and gorgeous.


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