loving >> week 149


The Love ListI’m loving…

Texts from Jane Eyre{via Madeline Gobbo Illustration}

1 ♥ Texts from Jane Eyre I’m sure any other bookworm would agree books that mention – or mock – my favorite pieces of literature make for a humorous night of reading. Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters had me so excited, and fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. With texts ranging as far back as Plato up to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, Mallory Ortberg’s book is just as entertaining as promises, and it would make the perfect gift for a book loves. How could you pass up Mr. Rochester’s expressions love in ALL CAPS?! :)

Grease2 ♥ Grease As I mentioned last week, I’ve been watching old movie after old movie, so it was only to be expected that Grease would soon make my list. How I had not yet seen this iconic musical film I’m not sure, but there’s no time like the present. I enjoyed it immensely, and the songs were stuck in my head days after viewing it. However, it was the production aspects that made my crew heart happy; I can only imagine who much fun Beauty School Dropout was to film. What is your favorite Grease number?

Foodie February3 ♥ Foodie February Book bloggers who love cooking and baking are my favorite {sound familiar?! :)}, so I look forward to posts from Cassie, who writes at her gorgeous and newly designed site, The Casserole, on the daily. The posts from her month long blog feature, Foodie February, and other categories have been a blast to read through, and I have many recipes saved for future times in the kitchen! While you can’t go wrong with the restaurant recommendations, I am partial to my own contribution: my favorite recipe to whip up, Chocolate Chip Muffins. Take a peek HERE and spread some love to Cass HERE!

snail-mail-sisters{via Snail Mail Sisters}

4 ♥ Snail Mail Sisters There’s even more excitement in the blogging world to share! My good friend, Paulina, started up her own blog this past January, and she’s already begun another project she’s calling Snail Mail Sisters. A fellow fan of letters and packages, Paulina had the brilliant idea to start up, in her words, “a group of ladies who send snail mail back and forth in a pen pal type setting.” She’s told me it has been off to a good start, and I couldn’t be happier to spread the word. I plan to look into it more this weekend! And, since we’re all about spreading love today, be sure to stop by Paulina’s blog HERE.

Hearts{hearts for the show’s theme AND because I heart festival. via The Ink Nest}

5 ♥ Play Festival Finally, to say I’m excited for my one-act play competition tomorrow would be an understatement. The entire cast and crew {I’m stage manager} have worked so hard over the past few months, and I’m sure our practice will pay off during our performance! The play we will be doing is a comedy called Crushed; you’re welcome to read more about it HERE if you’re interested. And with that, I wish you a terrific weekend!


7 thoughts on “loving >> week 149

  1. That book sounds awesome! I’ll definitely have to read it!
    Snail Mail Sisters sounds really cool as well! I love writing letters, so I would love to do something like that! It’s so sad that not many people send letters in the mail anymore. It’s so exciting to open up your mail box and see that there’s something inside for you!


    • It is so exciting! Seeing what’s in the mail is one of my favorite parts of the day – I LOVE receiving letters, packages, or magazines :)


  2. The Jane Eyre book sounds good! What a creative idea for a book, I’ll have to find a copy. I also love getting mail, so I’ll look into the Snail Mail Sisters too!


    • I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! And I know Paulina would be super happy to have another participant, so I hope you look into Snail Mail Sisters :)


  3. Texts from Jane Eyre sounds amazing! Love the idea behind it :-) Also, this post is super creative and beautiful! What a way to round up the month :-)


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