Making the Grade / Manhunt


Happy Monday! I’m delighted to kick off the week with some exciting news; I was recently announced as one of seven new contributors to the book blog, Lit Up Review. I can’t wait to work with these lovely ladies, and while my first post will not be published until March, do check out the site HERE! :)

The Book Blogger Love-a-Thon also wrapped up yesterday, and I can’t say enough good things about the event. I didn’t publish as many posts as I had hoped, but it was so fun meeting new visitors and finding good blogs. Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

In other news, I’m sneaking in another Making the Grade review before the month’s end – enjoy!

Making the GradeKate Messner’s Silver Jaquar mysteries are fit for reluctant and avid young readers; her stories quick, engaging, and all sorts of fun, Messner has clearly mastered writing for the middle grade audience. The first two books in the series {catch my reviews HERE and HERE} are followed up with the Paris-set adventure, Manhunt. I’m disheartened to say that it didn’t match my enjoyment of Capture the Flag and Hide-and-Seek, but I still encourage fans to continue on with Anna, José, and Henry’s tale – my full thoughts of Book Three are below!

Summary: Henry, Anna, and José head from Boston to Paris for their most dangerous mission yet: to solve the mystery of an international art heist! Shortly after they arrive, they learn that a member of the Silver Jaguar Society is working as a double agent, passing information to the criminal gang the Serpentine Princes – but who could it be? When the senior members of the Society go missing, it’s up to Henry, Anna, José, and their smug new comrade, Hem, to mount a rescue while staying hot on the trail of a missing masterpiece. Running around – and below – a foreign city filled with doppelgangers, decoys, and deceit, the three sleuths discover they’re the only hope for the Society’s survival! {Goodreads}

Making the Grade ManhuntAround the Web: “The characters were complex, diverse {#weneeddiversebooks} and realistic making for great detectives that kids are going to love reading about” {read the rest of the review at A Patchwork of Books HERE}.

“Another gripe I have is that there are too many threads that are not explored. Messner mentions something that piques reader interest and then whizzes on to a next detail leaving the reader hanging” {read the rest of the review at Guys Lit Wire HERE}.

“There is enough suspense to keep readers hooked until the mystery is solved, but it takes more than that to be truly successful as a novel” {read the rest of the review at Story Time Secrets HERE}.

Let’s discuss! Have you checked out any of Kate Messner’s books? Many of them are winners {I remember The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. being quite good when I read it several years ago}, but some, like Manhunt, disappoint. I’ve been on a middle grade kick lately; my pile of library books has just as many MG novels as it does young adult!

And related to the book: have you ever visited the famous bookstore, Shakespeare and Company? It is a major setting in Manhunt, and I oh-so want to visit one day.

Have a wonderful start to your week!


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