loving >> week 148


The Love ListI hope you had a terrific week! I’m loving…

The Oscars 20151 ♥ The Oscars While awards show are little more than a way for celebrities to honor their peers, they do make for some good Sunday night entertainment! The Academy Awards are this Sunday night, and despite their very white nominations, I’m still planning to tune in at 8 EST. It’s fun to guess which film, actor, or actress will walk home with an award that night, and it always reminds me of a few good movies I want to see {looking at you, The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game with my favorite Brits :)}. Are you going to watch The Oscars on Sunday?

The Amazing Race 2015{via the CBS website}

2 ♥ The Amazing Race My reality television show watching is limited to a few staples: MasterChefSo You Think You Can Dance, and the longtime classic, The Amazing Race. My favorite trek around the world returns on Wednesday with a new twist; half of the teams will be racing as their first {blind} date! The program has had its ups and downs over the past few years, but I hope that this new season will secure its ratings for a couple of years. If anything, it will be interesting to see what couples survive the test of the first leg – I can’t imagine not knowing my partner beforehand! Are you a TAR fan?

Bloglovin3 ♥ Bloglovin’ Collections With the number of blogs I follow well over fifty, my Bloglovin’ account is essential to keeping track of all of the posts. I often save recipes from my favorite foodie sites, books to look into when a good review pops up, or an outfit I like for style inspiration, but there’s been no way to divide my saved posts until now! I am delighted with the updates to the Bloglovin’ app; my saved posts have been happily matched up with a proper category. What blog reader do you prefer?

Sleepless in Seattle4 ♥ Sleepless in Seattle If my Audrey Hepburn film marathon is any indication, I like a good old movie. With my school vacation this week, I’ve had plenty of time for movies nights with my family; I’ve adored all of their recommendations {from Grease to Footloose} , but I think my favorite thus far of this classic movie extravaganza is Sleepless in Seattle. Is there anything better than a good romantic comedy?! I think not.

Typography Glasses{while I no longer wear glasses, these typography-themed frames made me smile; via}

5 ♥ Contacts Finally, I started wearing contacts this week, and the difference they’ve made for this longtime eyeglass wearer for distance is wonderful. I just thought I would share, because it was certainly one of the positive experiences of my week! :)

Have a lovely Friday!


4 thoughts on “loving >> week 148

    • Yes, I wear them full time! I wore glasses for distance {mainly to see the board in school}, but when I started squinting WITH my glasses on, I knew something was up. The only struggle is learning how to put them in! :)

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  1. I seem to remember that Sleepless in Seattle was a slight disappointment the first time I saw it (slight), as my expectations were high after When Harry Met Sally. But I’ve really grown to love it, and I think Sam is one of my favourite Tom Hanks characters ever. (And I’ve been a fan since Splash.)
    Sleepless also has some of my favourite comedy moments (An Affair to Remember vs. The Dirty Dozen) and some heartbreaking moments I’ll never forget. I can only imagine since Nora Ephron left us that she is bringing that much more joy to those in heaven.


    • When Harry Met Sally is another film I want to see! Sleepless in Seattle was just as good as people promised me, so I’d imagine the same of When Harry Met Sally. Off to see if it is on Netflix. Thank you for stopping by! :)


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