loving >> week 146


The Love ListIt’s FRIDAY! :) I’m loving…

Creative Lettering and Beyond1 ♥ Creative Lettering and Beyond I’ll share my love of fonts with anyone and everyone, but those closest to me know that my obsession with typography extends to good graphic design books too! Although I am all too late in mentioning a beloved Christmas gift, one of my favorite presents this past holiday was Creative Lettering and Beyond, a collaboration between artists Gabri Joy Kirkendall, Laura Lavender, Julie Manwaring, and Shauna Lynn Pancyzszyn. From the secrets of modern calligraphy to chalk writing tips, this fabulous guide covers dozens of hand-writing techniques. While the practice spaces are less than ideal with the binding, the pages of excellent instruction and clear illustrations are more than enough to make up for the book’s poor construction. I’ve been told this is a hard book to find, but I promise your efforts will be worth it {and if you want more graphic design reading, may I suggest these eight lovelies to start you out?!}.

2015 Grammy Awards2 ♥ The Grammy Awards Katy Perry’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl was interesting, to say the least, but fortunately, we have another music-centered event to look forward to this month: The Grammy’s! Streaming on television this Sunday, the Grammy’s are one of the major awards shows of the year, and they are always a blast to watch. I haven’t studied up on the nominations yet, but I do know I’ll be rooting for Taylor Swift and her hit single. I’ll be switching back and forth between these and Downton Abbey all Sunday night, but you can be sure I’ll be tuning in! Do you plan to watch any of the Grammy’s?

Minted Fabric{pictures via Minted Fabric}

3 ♥ Minted Fabric Minted is a well-known online stationery and design shop, and their blog, Julep, is a go-to for me when it comes to holiday crafting. It comes as little surprise, then, that I was all over their gorgeous and creative fabric lines! While my sewing skills are sorely lacking, a yard of multi-colored letters or spring-y florals will surely be enough motivation for me to learn how to work a sewing machine. Nevertheless, browsing through all of the patterns is a perfect source of inspiration for weekend projects, whether you know how to sew or not.

Stratego4 ♥ Stratego My sister and I believe board games are good fun any time of the week – snow days, Saturday afternoons, or even weekday nights! While Scrabble and Life are in constant rotation in our household, our favorite board game remains the original Stratego. It’s easy, fun, and surprisingly addictive {let’s just say we’re known to play more than one round at a time :)}. Do you have a favorite board game to play?

Boden Warehouse Sale{It’s just as insane and fun as it looks! via Sample Sale Mom}

5 ♥ The Boden Sale Finally, tomorrow is the semi-annual Boden warehouse sale in Boston, and I couldn’t be more excited to go! This event has grown to be a family tradition, and we count down the days until we get to return and shop to our heart’s content {not truly the case, but one can dream}. My mom, sister, and I are regulars, as this will be our seventh time heading up to the sale; our eyes will be peeled for spring and summer goodies from the Boden lines. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Have a lovely weekend!



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