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The Love ListWE MADE IT. My week was packed with school commitments and other activities, so this week’s love list is being shifted to today. You get an extra weekend post, and I get to relax a bit after my busy few days – it’s a win-win for everyone! :) Anyhoo, I’m loving…

Rookie Yearbook Three{via the Rookie website}

1 ♥ Rookie Yearbook Three Rookie has continually impressed me with their online site and coffee-table sized books of photographs, essays, and endless advice {links to their Amazon pages HERE and HERE}, so I had no doubt I would enjoy their third volume. Released in the fall, Rookie Yearbook Three has a delightful mix of their best online content and brand-new interviews and articles. While not all of the essays are to my taste, my love for Rookie hasn’t changed. I still have a third of the yearbook to finish up {and with today’s wintery weather, I can’t think of a better time!}, but I’ve been recommending this to everyone I see. It’s a must read for teen girls, but it’s worthwhile for anyone to check out.

Paddington{via the Paddington film website}

2 ♥ Paddington I’ll admit I was a bit wary about this movie adaptation; the previews I had seen throughout the summer and fall were not doing this beloved childhood classic any favors. However, my worries subsided after I read countless good reviews, and thankfully, the film didn’t disappoint. I saw it with a good friend and my sister, and we all agreed: the movie was adorable! Starring many famous Brits {Downton Abbey fans that we are, my sister and I especially liked Hugh Bonneville’s performance}, Paddington is funny, heart-warming, and charming. We’ll be sure to watch it again and again once it releases on DVD.

Lizzie-Bennet{via Pemberley Digital}

3 ♥ The Lizzie Bennet Diaries I’m currently re-reading Jane Austen’s popular classic, Pride and Prejudice, for my English class, giving me the perfect excuse to watch the modern adaptation, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! I am no stranger to Pemberley Digital’s videos, having seen several of the Emma Approved and Frankenstein M.D. episodes, but I have yet to “binge watch,” for the lack of a better term, one of their entire series. It’s been fun to read of Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship in Austen’s words and then seeing it translated to today’s times. Ashley Clements captures Lizzie’s personality wonderfully, but I personally love Laura Spencer’s portrayal of Jane, my favorite character. I’m happy to say I still have half of the series to watch, but my next step will be checking out The Lizzie Bennet Diaries book!

Vera Bradley Spring 2015{via Inside Stitch}

4 ♥ Vera Bradley’s Spring 2015 Patterns While my shopping at other stores for bags and patterned products {think Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer} has increased over the past year, my love for Vera Bradley products hasn’t diminished. Their new spring patterns, released just last week, make my heart happy, and I will certainly be asking for a few things come Easter! The combination of happy-go lucky green and a deep navy blue in Lucky You scream spring; I bet it would look oh-so chic on a new handbag or wrist. The other addition, Rio, is a stunning mix of bright colors, perfect for a fashion accessory or tote bag. The number of new products is overwhelming – be sure to browse them all HERE!

Snowfall{via The Public Domain Review}

5 ♥  Snow After weeks of snowless weather, I’ve finally seen a snowfall this morning that is sticking to the ground. I’m not a fan of brown, mushy snow, but I do love to curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate as it falls to the ground. Fortunately, I’m never the one shoveling – I take care of the cookie baking instead :) With more snow predicted for early next week, it seems winter has decided to stick around.

Have a lovely weekend!


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