Font Freebies / 01


Font Freebies TitleThe new year seems like a perfect time to give every feature a facelift, thus I introduce a new monthly post: Font Freebies! Though I have shared my favorite fonts in the past {you can catch most of the posts HERE}, I haven’t yet done round-ups on a regular basis with an official name :) It has been a few months since I last talked typography, and my font collection has only grown since then. From quirky serif fonts {I love the subtle bounce in Mount} to gorgeous calligraphy {I’ll be using In Screaming Color on everything from now on}, there’s a font for everyone to download. Have any typefaces captured your heart recently?

Font Freebies 01Alpaca Scarlett / MF Hey Pretty Girl / Mount / Latin Modern Roman / In Screaming Color / This Font is Empty

The title is in KG All Things New.

Have a terrific Monday!



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