Musical Moodboards / High School Musical

Hi!Musical MoodboardsKids growing up in Disney’s High School Musical era know the importance of the film’s New Year’s Eve scene, where Gabriella and Troy first meet at a party. This is the only the beginning of Disney’s popular movie, with catchy songs, a cheesy romance, and memorable characters. Given the film’s success, it’s no wonder it was made into an actual production shortly after the premiere! The first scene of High School Musical inspired this month’s Musical Moodboard, a feature that grew out of my love for theater and graphic design. All posts in this feature {see them all here!} have colors, pictures, and patterns based on a certain production, a perfect way to blend performing and visual arts.

High School MusicalSources: High School Art / Textbooks / Cafeteria / Basketballs source unknown / Wildcats Logo / Math Equations source unknown {FYI: I tried my best to provide you with the most accurate and updated sources, but please let me know of any problems or mistakes!}

This past fall, I was delighted to assist with a local school production of High School Musical. My childhood nostalgia aside, it was lots of fun to see the popular story move from screen to stage. I mainly worked on technical effects for the show {think big video projections}, but I channeled important scenes and characters when working on this moodboard. Basketballs and mathematical equations are nods to the show’s leading male and female, while the cafeteria is the setting for my favorite musical number, “Stick to the Status Quo.” Finally, one can’t talk about High School Musical without mentioning the East High wildcats, so in went the logo. Moodboard done and done.

Let’s discuss! Are you an HSM fan? Do you despise any mention of Troy and Gabriella? And, like always, do you have any suggestions for future Musical Moodboards?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



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