2015 Reading Challenges


I hope you had a lovely holiday with family and friends – I know I did! :) As 2014 wraps up and my daily plans shift with school vacation, my posting will be a bit sporadic; I hope to be back on a regular schedule come the new year. Anyhoo, I may be new to reading challenges, but I’m super-duper excited to take part in not one, but two for 2015! I love a good goal to work towards, and I had a blast planning them both out. Are you participating in any challenges this year?

Re-Read ChallengeFirst up is the 2015 Re-Read Challenge, hosted by Hannah at So Obsessed With and Kelly and Belle of the Literati. When I first heard of their challenge {read and learn more HERE}, I couldn’t wait to join in. I often mention books I would love to give a second read, but I almost never follow through in my plan {I blame my never-ending TBR list :)}. I’m hoping that this easy, laid-back challenge will be just the motivation I need to re-read a few novels in the coming year. My goal? To revisit ten books in 2015, although I will most likely read more, as you can see from my list below.

Re-Read Challenge

Dive Into Diversity ChallengeThe second challenge I plan to participate in is The Dive Into Diversity Challenge, hosted by Estelle and Magan at Rather Be Reading and Rebecca at Reading Wishes {read and learn more HERE}. I love that the We Need Diverse Books campaign has received so much attention in the past year, and I can only hope the requests for diverse stories continue into 2015. Although there is no set number of books for this challenge, I’m pushing myself to read at least one diverse story a month – thankfully, that shouldn’t be a problem with the amount of 2015 releases to look forward to and backlist novels I have yet to check out. I’ve listed a few of the books I want to try below!

Dive Into DiversityHave an amazing evening!



3 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenges

  1. I love the idea of the reread challenge! This year, I challenged myself to read 50 new-to-me books, so I didn’t do a lot of rereading, which is so sad! I love to reread books! I think I’ll lower my new-to-me books for 2015 and focus more on rereads. :)


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