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Top Ten TuesdayIt’s crazy to think that there are only a few short weeks until we enter the new year, and there are even fewer weeks until Christmas hits {and perhaps more importantly, a week-and-a-half long break from school :)}! Before 2014 ends, however, must come the annual “favorites” list, whether it’s a round-up of the year’s best movies or one’s favorite 2014 book releases. Today, as part of The Broke and the Bookish’s weekly Top Ten Tuesday, I’m sharing my favorite ten authors new to me this year. It’s a lovely mix from a variety of genres and intended audiences, just like my reading pile. What authors did you include on your list?

My Favorite New to Me Authors of 2014Heather Demetrios / While I have only read Demetrios’ debut, Something Real earlier in the spring, I have mentioned more than enough times how much I enjoy her writing. It’s not often that I read a novel – and a long one at that – in one sitting; however rare, I’m sure it will be the same case for me with her other books, Exquisite Captive and I’ll Meet You There! {review / interview}

Emery Lord / I’m disappointed that I never made time to review Open Road Summer by Emery Lord when I read it in June. It would have been a post of praise, that’s for sure! Her debut blew me away, moving Lord to my “auto-read” list and proving herself an author to watch out for. I’m excited to read her 2015 release, which is bound to be just as good.

Rachel Hawkins / Hawkins making this list should come as no surprise, as her novel Rebel Belle comes up on here more times than I can count! Hawkins isn’t new to the YA scene, so I have plenty of catching up to do before her next book and sequel to Rebel BelleMiss Mayhem, comes out in a few months. {review}

Dana Alison Levy / I have yet to find another book – young adult and middle grade alike – this year that has the same heartwarming effect as Dana Alison Levy’s The Misadventures of Family Fletcher. While reading, I couldn’t help but adore the entire cast of characters, and consequently, I fell in love with the author’s writing. I eagerly await Book Two! {review}

Miranda Kenneally / I am really, really late to the game with Kenneally’s books, but isn’t it better late than never?! I thought her novel, Breathe, Annie, Breathe, was terrific when I read it in the summer, finding the perfect balance of humor, realism, and romance, and I can’t wait to delve into the rest of the Hundred Oaks series. {review}

Jenny Han / Han would have already made this list with her 2014 release, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, {a book I heart}, but her Burn for Burn trilogy, co-authored with Siobhan Vivian, secured her spot. I’m delighted I finally gave her writing a try, as I could easily list her as one of my current favorite authors, new or not! {reviews: 1 / 2}

Libba Bray / I didn’t expect to enjoy a strange, paranormal mystery set in the twenties as much as I did, nor did I think I would have blown through a story about a beauty pageant turned Lord of the Flies situation so quickly, but, hey, Libba Bray did both! :) Although her quirky novels may not please everyone, I’m happy to say I’ve grown into a Libba fan this year. {reviews: 1 / 2}

Stephanie Perkins / Although my only experience with Perkin’s work is her holiday short story in My True Love Gave to Me, it was certainly enough to make her way onto this list! I’ve made it a reading goal of mine to get to Anna and the French Kiss in the coming year – it wouldn’t be fair to wait any longer. {review}

Kasie West / Kasie West impressed me again and again with her Pivot Point duology, and as I get to her other novels, I’m sure it will be the same! Pivot Point is another book I waited too long to finally check out, but, fortunately, that problem was fixed over the summer. Ever since, I have given the novel {and the author} nothing but high praise! {reviews: 1 / 2}

Kristen Kittscher / Finally, Kittscher’s middle grade novel was one of my first reads of 2014, but I promise you: it still ranks high on my favorites of the year. While the release date of her sequel is unknown, I happily suggest trying The Wig in the Window in the meantime. Mystery fans won’t regret it! {review}

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One thought on “my top ten new to me authors

  1. Stephanie Perkins is so fantastic! Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door are adorable, fun romance stories that I always recommend to people. I haven’t read her newest book in that series, Isla and the Happily Ever After, but I’m sure it’s great as well!


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