An A to Z of Thanks {2014 Edition}


An A to Z of Thanks{via Angie Makes}

While much of this week’s focus will be on the Thanksgiving meal, I believe it’s also a wonderful idea to take a moment to reflect on what you’re most thankful for. Just as I did a few years ago here, I’m sharing a list of my “thanks” from a to z. I hope you join me in sharing your own thanks in the comments below!

art / While I have a soft spot for graphic design, I appreciate all forms of art; it makes our world much more interesting.

books / I can’t imagine a life without reading. The power of a good book is huge, and I so happy for the favorites I’ve already read and the ones that have yet to come.

christmas specials / They are one of the best things of the holiday season, and I feel that my excitement for them is unmatched {While we’re on the subject, I list Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Prep and Landing, and Frosty as my absolute favorites}.

dresses / Wearing a cute dress has me ready to run the world :)

education / I can’t say that I always love going to school, but I am so blessed to receive an excellent education every day. Learning something new is an amazing thing.

family and friends / Nothing more needs to be said for these wonderful people.

granola / Sprinkled on top of a cup of vanilla yogurt, chocolate granola can quickly perk up my morning. It’s good to give thanks for the little things.

home / A place I cherish and am happy to have grown up in.

ice cream / It’s a treat that should never go unnoticed.

johnnie b and j. crew / Take one look at my closet, and you’ll quickly notice my obsession with these two stores. I am always grateful that their pretty pieces make my mornings go by smoother.

kind words / Compliments from family, friends, and newly met acquaintances never fail to make my day, as does sharing a smile with others.

lists / Lots and lots of lists makes my organization-loving heart happy.

mail / Snail mail often goes by unappreciated, but is there anything better than a handwritten note or a new magazine?! I think not.

new places and new experiences / They both provide an opportunity to grow and try something different from the daily routine of everyday life.

orange and the rest of the colors of the rainbow / Color is such an interesting thing to study.

performing arts program / From the very first read-through to the thrill of opening night, I can’t begin to describe my love for the theater. I learn and grow so much with each production, and I am incredibly thankful for all of the people who make each show happen alongside me.

quiet / As a self-proclaimed introvert, I treasure my down time. It’s definitely something I am oh-so thankful for after a busy week.

rainy days / They often serve as a reminder for me to slow down and catch up on the things that matter most, and they are all the better with a cute umbrella.

seasons / There is something to love with each changing of the seasons, whether it is the fun of the summer or the coziness that comes with winter.

traditions / Holiday lover that I am, I am so thankful that there are certain traditions I can look forward to year after year.

United States / Our country isn’t perfect, but I am so grateful to live here.

vacations / I hope I don’t need to explain my love for school breaks, especially this coming one for Thanksgiving!

warm blankets / I am clearly an old soul at heart, choosing a blanket and a book over a night out.

xoxo’s / Symbols of love and hugs :)

yoga / There are few things that yoga can’t help. On a stressful day, yoga poses and breathing exercises are what I need most.

zeal for everyday life

Have a terrific start to your week!


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