Eye on Art / 02


Eye on ArtOctober flew by, and I never got a chance to share another round of Eye on Art! Fortunately, the three artists I have chosen are more than enough to make up for a missed month. Just like my first post, this edition of Eye on Art will allow me to share what I love most about three different artists, whether it be their choices in color or their smart subject matter. Take a look below, and let me know what art you’ve been loving lately too!

Cindy MangominiCindy Mangomini is a regular contributor to the site, Hello Giggles, prepping readers’ wardrobes for all sorts of situations with illustrated clothing and accessory guides. Her own website leads to even more fun; you’ll find stylish round-ups based on everything from Taylor Swift’s closet to weekend adventures. I adore Cindy’s signature style, and her taste is spot-on, is it not?! {website}

Luiza BioneIt’s hard not to be happy looking through all of Luiza Bione’s art. Florals, bright patterns, and lovable girls are plentiful in her work – just take a peek at her Instagram or portfolio to see what I mean! I personally can’t get enough of her playful mix of color and typography, but no matter what she draws, Luiza nails it every time. {website}

Tom GauldFinally, I looked into Tom Gauld’s portfolio after seeing his recent New Yorker cover {the girl surrounded by piles of books should resonate with many book bloggers and their TBR piles :)}. Clearly a big reader himself, Tom’s artwork is most notable for his use of lines and minimal color; it’s especially fitting for his short comics, like “Short Story” above. {website}

Have a lovely Sunday! I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging schedule lately, but I hope to be back on track soon :)


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