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The Love List

I’m loving…

Vera Bradley Winter 2014 Release1 ♥ Vera Bradley’s Winter 2014 Release Even though this release only has two patterns {instead of the usual two or three}, VB’s winter line has me all sorts of happy! Both the prints and products of this roll-out are unique – a perfect excuse to put many of the items on my holiday wish list :) I love that the patterns are “winter-y” enough, while still offering transitions from fall or into spring. Emerald Paisley’s jewel tones are calling my name, but I adore the bright and big flowers of Cherry Blossoms. It’s a tough decision, friends! What do you like best from Vera Bradley’s new items?

Gilmore Girls2 ♥ Gilmore Girls The addition of Gilmore Girls to Netflix earlier this month only meant one thing in my mind: endless marathon watching! My sister and I have been going through the episodes nonstop, and with this string of rainy days we’ve been having, I would be surprised if we didn’t see the Season Three finale by Sunday evening. The cast of characters in Stars Hollow has been oh-so entertaining so far, and of course, I’m super excited to see what else is held in store for Rory and Lorelai!

Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt3 ♥ Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt The pumpkin food craze doesn’t last for long each year, so I like to take advantage of it while I can! Noosa’s Pumpkin Yoghurt is one of my new fall-flavored snack choices; despite my initial skepticism, I quickly realized that when it’s mixed with vanilla yogurt and sprinkled with chocolate granola, you really can’t go wrong. Are you a pumpkin fan, or do you steer clear from September to November?

Sisters Raina Telgemeier4 ♥ Sisters Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels have impressed me on multiple occasions: Smile, for its humorous and realistic story, Drama, for exploring a subject close to my heart with bright illustrations, and now Sisters, for keeping up her amazing streak of terrific books! :) In her second memoir, Telgemeier explores her childhood family dynamics on a trip to a family reunion. It’s short, but more importantly, it’s relatable; I strongly urge you to give it a peek!

Wunderlist5 ♥ Wunderlist Finally, the organization loving person that I am, I absolutely adore the Wunderlist app! After reading about it in Hannah’s informative post, I decided to give the to-do list system a try. Weeks later, I’ve found that it is perfect for keeping unwritten book reviews straight, blog post ideas all in one place, and random tasks on my mind. Have you used Wunderlist before?

Have a lovely Friday!



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