My Favorite Fonts // Part Seven


Although it has only been a few months since I last shared my latest font favorites, I already have quite a few new ones to highlight! Today’s round-up has a mix of the playful, such as Hauracherell NC {I adore the bounce in the letters} and KG Shake It Off {cue Taylor Swift’s never-ending single}, to the bolder and “sturdier” typefaces, like Fairview and my personal handwritten fave, BC Serif. I often say this, but it’s true: it takes only a few minutes to download these seven fonts, so what’s to lose?! Everything looks much prettier with a spiffy new typeface :) Do you have recent typography finds to share?

Favorite Fonts Part SevenBC Serif {by yours truly} / Hauracherell NC / Janda Happy Day / Fairview / Austie Bost Cherry Cola / KG Shake It Off

The title is in Mission Script.

Have a terrific day!



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Fonts // Part Seven

  1. Hi!! :) I’m Austin of Austie Bost Fonts! I’m doing an Internet advertising sweep- and offering a copy of my newest font to everybody who has featured an Austie Bost font! :) If you’re interested, please email me for your pre-release copy at austinlowens at gmail dot com. :) :) Thanks for the shoutout!!!

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