Making the Grade / The Fifth of March


Making the GradeIf it weren’t for summer reading, you can be sure that The Fifth of March would have never made it to my book pile. From its dated cover to the so-so synopsis, I wasn’t sure what to expect! It’s far from my usual read, but I tried to go into it with an open mind {and assignment in hand}. Was I all that impressed in the end? Unfortunately, not really – my full thoughts are below.

Summary: It’s 1770, and fourteen-year-old Rachel Marsh is a servant in the Boston household of John Adams. But her loyalty to the Adams family is tested by her friendship with Matthew Kilroy, a British private with an unsavory reputation. Rachel knows Matthew is frustrated and angry, but even she is surprised when he is accused of joining soldiers in firing upon a mob of citizens… in the bloody encounter that came to be known as the Boston Massacre. {back cover synopsis; Goodreads}

The Fifth of March Making the GradeLet’s discuss! Have you read any books by Ann Rinaldi? This is the first I have heard of her, but she is famous for her historical fiction work. I don’t think I’ll be checking out any more of her novels, unless there’s one that I must read per your suggestion :)

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