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Hello!Top Ten TuesdayCan you believe it’s yet another Top Ten Tuesday?! This week, we are discussing authors that we’ve only read one book from, but need to read more. It’s a fun topic, but nevertheless, a difficult one for me. When I have a positive first experience with an author’s work, I usually shift my reading priorities; this way, another novel of theirs moves to the top :) However, some authors, no matter how much I LOVED their book, had escaped my mind! Thankfully, just drafting up my list reminded me why I need to return to these authors. Do our lists have any similarities?

Ten Authors I Want to Read More Of[1] Jessi Kirby / Despite how much I enjoyed Golden, I’ve yet to read any other novels by Jessi Kirby! Clearly, it’s a problem I need to fix, but it’s hard to choose what to read next when all of her books have such rave reviews. {my review}

[2] Ruta Sepetys / I wish I could say that once I finished Out of the Easy, I immediately went out to get Ruta Sepety’s Between Shades of Gray, but sadly, it’s lingered on my TBR list for far too long. It’s a situation I hope to be out of soon! {my review}

[3] Rachel Hawkins / I’ve already dubbed Rebel Belle one of my favorite reads of the year, so Rachel Hawkins was a no brainer for this list! I’m anxiously awaiting her next book, Miss Mayhem {due out in spring 2015}, but in the meantime, I need to read her other series, Hex Hall. {my review}

[4] Miranda Kenneally / Miranda Kenneally’s books took me way too long to finally check out, and I now feel the need to make up for lost time! I’m so excited to return to the Hundred Oaks from the beginning, as I started with Breathe, Annie, Breathe. {my review}

[5] John Corey Whaley / John Corey Whaley’s novel, Noggin, impressed me with its unique, entertaining plot, and I’m hoping it’s the same with his other book, Where Things Come Back! Whaley is quickly proving himself one of the best male voices in the YA market.

[6] Amy Spalding / Ever since I read The Reece Malcolm List back in the winter, I’ve searched to the ends of Earth {or, at least, my local library branch :)} for Amy Spalding’s other book, Ink is Thicker Than Water. I have yet to find it, but believe me when I say I’ll be reading it the moment I have it in my hands! {my review}

[7] Kasie West / KASIE WEST. The fact that she is even on my list is one that’s both shocking and disappointing. I devoured Pivot Point in one day, so you know I need to get to her other novels. {my review}

[8] Rainbow Rowell / Rainbow Rowell is a YA and adult book queen – at least in the blogging world – so there should be little questions as to why I enjoyed Eleanor & Park so much. Next book to get to? Fangirl! {my review}

[9] Andrew Smith / Although I never formally wrote my thoughts down in a review, please take note when I say Winger is a novel worth checking out. Andrew Smith is a terrific writer, and I can’t wait to read his latest release, 100 Sideways Miles!

Have an awesome Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “nine authors i need to read more of

  1. Rainbow Rowell is on my list too! But aren’t you scared that Fangirl won’t be as awesome as E&P? I’ve been meaning to read Ruta Sepetys, but haven’t gotten around to her yet. I should actually read her next!


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