loving >> week 134


The Love ListI’m loving…

Jane Eyre1 ♥ Jane Eyre Jane Eyre is one of my most beloved classics, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read it again for summer reading! My re-read coincided perfectly with the finding of the 2011 film adaptation of the book on Netflix. It’s a terrific portrayal of the romantic classic {I love the casting of Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender as Jane and Mr. Rochester}, and it’s fun comparing the movie to the novel. Have you seen this film, and if so, how do you think it lives up to the book?

Boden2 ♥ Boden Warehouse Sale My love for all things Boden is well-documented here on Ciao Bella, but nothing gets me more excited than the semi-annual Boden warehouse sales! Held in Boston every winter and summer, my mom, sister, and I are old pros, and we are gearing up to go again tomorrow. The lines are long and the clothing piles are large, but it sure is fun! I hope to snag some dresses for the autumn season while I’m there, as stocking up on fall and winter staples takes time :)

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Ice Cream3 ♥ Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream I thought my weekly ice cream picks would have ended now that I’m back in school, but Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream is too good not to mention! I became a cookie butter lover back in the winter {it’s best on apples, in my opinion}, so I was not surprised that I like the ice cream version just as much. I believe Trader Joe’s is carrying it for a limited time, so check soon if you too want a carton!

Frankenstein MD4 ♥ Frankenstein MD Can you be a Pemberley Digital fan, even with over fifty episodes of Emma Approved to catch up on?! I think so. I watched the first few videos of their newest project, Frankenstein MD, and I really enjoy them so far! I hope to stay on track this time, but it shouldn’t be difficult given how fun and quick they are to watch. Although I haven’t read Frankenstein, I’m sure I will get to it eventually {thoughts on the story are welcome!}.

Bath and Body Works Fall 20145 ♥ Bath and Body Works’ New PocketBacs Finally, I have been loving the handful of hand sanitizers I grabbed for the new school year! These cute animal teacher themed ones {scroll to the bottom} smell wonderful AND make me smile.

Have a terrific start to your weekend!



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