loving >> week 131


The Love ListI’m loving…

This One Summer1 ♥ This One Summer I have been reading non-stop lately, in an effort to fit in as many library books as I can before school starts {my reading rate noticeably decreases when I have essays to write and tests to study for} :) One book I recently finished was This One Summer, written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Jillian Tamaki. I picked it up based only on the gorgeous purple illustrations throughout, but the writing pleasantly surprised me. It’s not a high-action type of story, but rather, it explores the natural ups and downs of growing up. If you ever see it, be sure to take a peek!

If I Stay Film

2 ♥ If I Stay I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of If I Stay ever since the trailer was released! I have little doubt that Gayle Forman’s emotional and raw story will translate to the screen beautifully, and from the looks of it, the casting is spot-on. While not every review I’ve seen has been positive, I hope that the film will still suffice for lovers of the book! Were you one of the lucky ones to see an early screening, or are you planning to catch it sometime soon?

Emily Ley Planners3 ♥ Emily Ley Products It should come as no surprise that I love many forms of organization, from to-do lists to calendars to agenda books {I am definitely a Type A girl at heart}. And so, I was delighted to come across the business, Emily Ley, which specializes in stationary, gifts, and organization. While the planners are stunning, I was even more happy to find an entire library of free printables on Emily’s site. I have it bookmarked, because I’ll be sure to go back!

Lost in Austen4 ♥ Lost in Austen This miniseries has been out for a few years now, but my sister and I – as the Jane Austen fans we are – decided to revisit it earlier this week! The story follows Amanda Price, a young woman living in present-day London, as she switches places with Elizabeth Bennet, the iconic character from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. You can guess the trouble this would cause in the plot, making it a fun film for P&P lovers! I suggest checking it out for yourself, and if you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice {or any of Austen’s works}, there’s no better time than now, is there not? :)

The Emmys5 ♥ The Emmys Finally, I do love a good awards show! I’ll be watching The Emmys on Monday night on NBC to see if some of my favorite television stars take home an award. Anything Downton Abbey, Sherlock, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine will have me cheering!

Have a terrific rest of your Friday!


7 thoughts on “loving >> week 131

  1. Ooh yes This One Summer is really good! I read it last month and really enjoyed it. The drawings were beautiful and the writing was so great as well. It was like watching a movie honestly. So, so beautiful. And yes, I will be watching the Emmys on Monday as well! Very excited. Also excited for the VMAs on Sunday. Ahh!!!


    • I agree – This One Summer was like watching a movie; it actually reminded me a bit of The Way, Way, Back which is an excellent film to check out :) And I totally forgot about the VMA’s! That’s a fun awards show too.


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