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The Love ListI’m loving…

BiblioCraft1 ♥ BiblioCraft: A Modern Crafter’s Guide to Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects I picked this book up on a whim {nicely designed covers will do that to you}, and after reading a good chunk of it, I am so pleased that I did! Jessica Pigza is a rare book’s librarian {a cool-sounding job, no?} who enjoys crafting and creative activities; she combines her two passions in this non-fiction guide, which is divided into two parts. The first half explains library jargon, shares various library resources, and names well-known libraries across the country. This part alone makes the book worth picking up – Pigza does a terrific job capturing the beauty of libraries! The second part has step-by-step instructions for a large number of crafts, all of which were inspired by different types of books. Even if you have no intention of making anything, do check out BiblioCraft. It’s a good one!

Sorry Board Game

2 ♥ Sorry Board Game When it comes to hot, humid summer nights, my sister and I agree that board games can be awfully handy to have around. We’ve played plenty of rounds of Bananagrams, pulled out the Scrabble board a few times, and most recently, have had lots of fun playing Sorry with one another! It’s always good to play the classics :) Do you have a favorite board game?

Girls' Life August September 20143 ♥ Girls’ Life 20th Anniversary Issue I have been subscribing to Girls’ Life for several years now, so receiving their 20th birthday issue made my day. I thought it was incredibly well-done, and as a longtime fan, I was happy to see that many previous articles and editions were referenced throughout. If you too have the issue, you may recognize a few of my favorites below!

  • Plaid Academy {I am ready for the plaid/check trend to hit this autumn! I love the pattern on jackets and skirts the best.}
  • Baking the Grade {There’s so many new recipes to try – I have my eye on the Coffee Chocolate Chip Muffins and the Oreo Marshmallow Brownies. Yum!}
  • The Myth of the Well-Rounded Girl {I enjoy reading and researching the “perfection pressure,” so I was happy to see that GL tackled the issue.}

Motivational Monday4 ♥ Motivational Monday I am totally into motivating oneself for the week, but what I love most about my newest blog find is the gorgeous lettering done for each inspiring quote! Motivational Monday’s goal is simple: help others to push through the “least favorite day of the week,” all while showcasing creative designs and artwork. It’s perfect for artistic inspiration – the colors, type, and overall look of the project are spot-on. And, really, how could you not feel ready to take on the day {whether it’s Monday or Friday} with one look at the site?!

Citrus and Mint Pink Cake{via}

5 ♥ My Birthday Finally, I am super excited for my birthday next week, especially as it allows me to try one thing on my summer list this year: baking a cake! It isn’t until Thursday, but believe me, my countdown started weeks ago. I plan to keep my special day fairly low-key; spending time with family and friends, opening gifts, and eating a favorite meal sounds best to me! :) How do you like celebrating your birthday?

Have a terrific weekend!


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