my top twelve television shows

Hello!Top Ten TuesdayOver at The Broke and the Bookish this week, we’re discussing other forms of media for the weekly Top Ten Tuesday link-up. After I made the difficult choice to go with television shows instead of movies, I was faced with an even greater challenge: choosing my ten twelve shows! I ultimately went with the programs that instantly came to my mind; I knew that if I over thought the topic, making up my post would take a much longer time. I find it funny that I’ve become so emotionally invested with some of these characters and stories, just as I do with certain novels and series. Whether the show is no longer airing or I tune in week after week, I give my full recommendation for all twelve programs listed below. What shows make up your favorites list?

Jane By DesignMy love for ABC Family diminished quite a bit when Jane by Design was cancelled {but, hey, no worries, I still have The Fosters, Switched at Birth, and Pretty Little Liars for guilty pleasure watching}. The cliffhanger at the end killed me because we will never find out what happens to Jane. However, I can still re-watch the episodes on Netflix and sadly mourn the loss of such a good show.

So You Think You Can DanceI don’t watch all that match reality or competition based television, but I will never miss a season of So You Think It Can Dance when it airs in the summer. I began watching a few years ago with my dad and sister, and it is now one of things I look forward to most when my school vacation rolls around. Cat Deeley rocks, does she not?!

Dance AcademyI mentioned Dance Academy on my Love List a few weeks ago, and believe me, my adoration for it has not decreased. If anything, my six episode marathons have made me love the show even more. Although the show has officially finished airing on television {I’m currently watching it on Netflix}, Tara, Christian, Sammy, Cat, Abigail, and Ben will always hold a special place in my heart {No Grace though. Never Grace}.

SherlockThere’s few words I can use to express how much I enjoy Sherlock, unless I’m trying to convince you to begin watching it. Start now – you won’t be disappointed! :)

Downton AbbeyIf I am going to be quite honest, it took me a few episodes to warm up to Downton Abbey, but now I can’t imagine my Sunday nights in the winter without it. Something about the show led me to become so invested in each character’s storyline. If you too have consistently watched the show, you’ll understand my emotions when I still say “SYBIL!?!”

Pretty Little LiarsAs I mentioned above, PLL will forever be my guilty pleasure watching. The story is entirely unrealistic and the acting is nothing amazing, but it’s Pretty Little Liars, so I roll with whatever the writers throw at us each week.

ElementaryAfter the wait between Sherlock seasons became too much for my detective loving self, I turned to CBS’s Elementary, and I am so happy I did. I am currently in the midst of catching up on Season Two with my dad, and I anxiously await the third season!

Good Luck CharlieSOB. Good Luck Charlie ranks high on my all-time favorite Disney productions {Wizards of Waverly Place is a close second, television-wise}, and I was so sad that it ended earlier this year. Unlike other shows on Disney Channel {looking at you, Austin & Ally}, Good Luck Charlie had the ability to keep a wide range of audiences entertained and laughing throughout.

GleeDespite the lackluster past season, I don’t think I can stop watching Glee at this point. I began seeing it the night the pilot premiered after American Idol, so my loyalty to the show, especially the characters, runs deep. Even if the episode isn’t my favorite, you can almost always find me with the songs stuck in my head the next day – they are just so catchy!

Master ChefMaster Chef is another reality show that I don’t mind, even with some of the more “dramatic” episodes. Baking is a hobby that I love, so seeing home cooks battle it out on television is always fun. If you’re following this season too, who are you rooting for? I’m with Big Willie all the way :)

ChuckThis is another show that deserves a huge SOB for ending {The final episode, in particular, was very upsetting to watch}. Always brilliant and extremely entertaining, Chuck is a show that’s hard not to love. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out; if you have, I won’t tell if you binge-watch the whole series this summer.

Brooklyn Nine-NineFinally, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of my more recent favorites on television! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m looking forward to the comedy’s return in the fall.

Have a terrific rest of your Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “my top twelve television shows

  1. I absolutely love Sherlock! I literally only started it (and am now nearly finished) but oh oh oh, it’s really brilliant! I’m going to try Elementary now, because: mysteries. And also anything Sherlock-ish is just awesome. x)
    Thanks for stopping by mine!


  2. SHERLOCK OMG. IT’S SO GOOD! It’s interesting to see someone who loves both Sherlock and Elementary…. how do you think they compare?


    • I like them both for different reasons, it that makes any sense?! :) I love Sherlock because I think that the writers and whoever else works to create the episodes are brilliant at developing both the relationship between Sherlock and Watson and keeping the viewer engaged with the mystery. On the other hand, I am consistently impressed that Elementary can come back week after week and deliver an episode with strong character development and mysteries.


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