loving >> week 125


The Love ListI’m loving…

How to Train Your Dragon 21 ♥ How to Train Your Dragon 2  July brings plenty of hot weather, and in the middle of a heat wave, I’ll go anywhere for some air conditioning. And so, our recent weather led me and my sister to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 earlier this week. I had no intent to see the movie, instead thinking I would grab it at the library later, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Animated films can be a hit or a miss, but in this case, I left the theater quite impressed. If you too are stuck in a heat wave, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is not a bad option!  {Full review may or may not come, so I figured I would mention it here just in case :)}

The Providence Flea2 ♥ The Providence Flea I love taking day trips anytime of year, but exploring new places and events seems to be even more fun come summer. Last weekend, my parents, sister, and I browsed the tents of The Providence Flea, Rhode Island’s fairly new flea market, and, because I tend to enjoy shopping, it was quite a good time! :) Our finds of the day included a fun magnet for our fridge and vintage type blocks to use as decor. If you live nearby, I urge you to go for an afternoon yourself; it’s best on a beautiful day.

Three Sisters Ice Cream3 ♥ Three Sisters Ice Cream On that same note, I believe that a summer day trip is nothing without tasting local ice cream! My latest favorite place to stop is The Three Sisters, again located in Providence. Not only do they sell some tasty frozen treats, there’s also breakfast and lunch available. I tried their cookie dough ice cream {one of my favorite flavors, following chocolate}, and it was delicious. I’m already planning to go back at least one more time before September rolls around.

Wimbledon Championships4Wimbledon I enjoy watching tennis quite a bit; unlike baseball and football, it neither bores me to death, nor loses me from the first play. While I haven’t caught any of the Wimbledon matches on television this year, I was happy to see that the women’s single final winner was announced this afternoon: Petra Kvitova! I am excited to see who will win in tomorrow’s men’s single final. Have you been following Wimbledon at all this year?

Fabric Blooms5 ♥ Fabric Blooms Finally, I often take out craft books from the library with the grandest intentions of making something, but Fabric Blooms has me convinced that I can actually do it this time! With projects ranging from easy to advanced, I already have a few bookmarked, like the Posy Garland and Embroidered Felt Flower Bouquet, so that I can tackle them later this summer. With bright photographs and clear instructions, this is a book I can happily recommend.

Have a terrific rest of your weekend!


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