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The Love ListI’m loving…

The Tony Awards1 ♥ The Tony’s Because of my silly forgetfulness last week, I failed to mention that the Tony’s were on last Sunday! Thankfully, I remembered Sunday afternoon, and I was still able to watch them that night. I look forward to the Tony awards each year; they always make me smile, because I am a theater lover at heart :) While I have heard of a few of the plays and musicals nominated {and I was even able to see Aladdin – yay for the Genie!}, I also learned of a few new ones that caught my attention from the very title {one would be A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, of course!}. Did you see the Tony’s, and, if so, are there any productions that you would love to see?

Erin Baker's Chocolate Granola2 ♥ Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods: Chocolate Granola I am surprised that as I was looking through my archives that I have not yet mentioned Erin Baker’s Chocolate Granola! Practically a staple in my diet {along with Chobani Greek Yogurt, my other love}, I have this granola all the time, whether at breakfast or as an after school snack. Everyone may have their preferred brand of granola, but this one is my personal favorite; try it out if you’re in need of a good on-the-go food!

Les Choristes3 ♥ Les Choristes {The Chorus} There’s nothing like a good French movie to get you through the final few weeks of French class! :) In all truth, though, I really did like the latest film, which translates to The Chorus, that my class watched. Following a man’s new job as a supervisor at a school for “troubled” boys, the movie was both heart-warming and engaging. While nothing ground-breaking, I thought it was well done and fun to watch!

Fifa World Cup

4 ♥ The World Cup If I had to choose one sport to sit down and watch, soccer would easily win. I enjoy seeing the strategy behind the game {it’s really interesting!}, and viewing an incredible goal never hurts either. While I have not seen any of the World Cup matches yet, as I usually just catch the ones near the end, that doesn’t diminish the excitement behind this event! I, unfortunately, am not quite as knowledgable about the teams and players as I am about the actual game, so my guess for the winning team is as good as anyone’s. I will have to wait and see! Have you been following the World Cup?

The House that Lars Built Father's Day Cards{I love these free cards from The House that Lars Built.}

 5 ♥ Father’s Day Of course, I could not let this week’s Love List go by without mentioning my dad! :) I love him oh-so much, and I hope he has a terrific Father’s Day on Sunday. A big hug to him, and, of course, some internet shout-outs to my grandfathers as well!

Have a wonderful night!



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