loving >> week 121


The Love ListI’m loving…

No Bake Makery1 ♥ No Bake Makery Usually, when I see a book I may like at my public library, into the bag it will go. While the case with YA novels may be a bit different, this rule especially applies with cookbooks! No Bake Makery caught my eye because I know firsthand that baking in the summer is no fun with the oven on. I am really glad I picked it up because there are quite a few recipes that look oh-so scrumptious! I have a handful that I know I want to try out, and I can’t wait to get started.

Oh Joy Summer Line for Target2 ♥ Oh Joy’s Summer Line for Target Joy, from Oh Joy, has been doing so well this year with her collaborations with different brands. Her latest partnership is with Target, and Joy’s summer line of entertaining items will be released this upcoming Sunday. The line includes everything you need for a summer get-together, but I personally am digging the the colors of all these products. Pinks, turquoise, orange, and yellow scream the season to me! Whether I actually pick up anything from the line or not, I know I can definitely get some design inspiration from the items.

So You Think You Can Dance

3 ♥ Master Chef and So You Think You Can Dance I know I can call it summer once my two favorite reality TV shows, So You Think You Can Dance and Master Chef, begin. The two shows {Master Chef starts on Monday, and SYTYCD premiers next Wednesday} have me all kinds of excited. I can wait to watch the various auditions and the competitions! I also can’t wait for my ABC Family guilty pleasures {that would be Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Switched at Birth, in case you were wondering}, but those start later in June. For another Love List, perhaps? :)

Desktop Designers at Lovely Indeed


{this one is my favorite!}

4 ♥ Lovely Indeed’s Desktop Designers Series I am always on the lookout for fun desktop designs, as I frequently change the background of my mini iPad and phone. Lovely Indeed’s creative series has had different designers make a desktop wallpaper each week, featuring a quote of their choice. I personally think that they just keep getting better and better, as evident by the past few weeks’ posts. If you too love background wallpaper designs, take a peek! :)

J.Crew June 2014 Lookbook{j.crew’s lookbook for june, which you can view HERE, is near perfect for summer.}

5 ♥ The Long Weekend Yay for a three-day weekend, yes?! I’ve always thought of Memorial Day as the kickoff to summer, and from the looks of the weather where I live, it seems that this will hold true this year as well. After this, I’ll have just one final push until the end of the school year; I have been thinking positive thoughts for those last few finals in June!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!



2 thoughts on “loving >> week 121

  1. You have an awesome blog and I really enjoy reading all of your posts. I hope you keep blogging for a long time!! :)


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