loving >> week 120


It was a tiring week, friends! I am honestly just wishing for the more laid-back and carefree days of summer to roll around; believe me, my countdown to the end of school has already been started :)

The Love ListI’m loving…

Coco Cake Land Raspberry Cake{doesn’t this look oh-so tasty?}

1 ♥ Coco Cake Land Food blogs are some of my favorites to discover because {a} I am always up for new recipes, {b} the photography, more often than not, is gorgeous, and {c} the bloggers themselves can be just so creative! Such is the case with one of my newest finds: Coco Cake Land. I stumbled upon the site from another blog, and I am quite happy I did! How could you not like Lyndsay’s stunning cake creations? :) While my opportunities for making a cake are actually few and far between, I plan to check back for some baking inspiration.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

2 ♥ Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return It’s practically summer movie season, and like any year, there are always a few children’s movies released in May. This Oz-based film, starring Lea Michele, is the one that has caught my attention the most! I am a sucker for most ANY kids’ movie, but especially one that involves a classic story or fairy tale. It looks good, or if anything, cute, so I hope to see it in the coming weeks. It is perfectly timed with one of my current reads, Dorothy Must Die, which I am enjoying quite a bit as well.

Joules Rain Boots3 ♥ Joules Clothing I usually don’t get so easily sucked into marketing, but when the Joules Clothing catalogue came to our house yesterday, it was truly love at first sight. Perhaps because of its similarity to my first clothing love, Boden, Joules Clothing is just my style! I personally adore their wellies; floral patterned rain boots could be the perfect thing to brighten up a rainy day. I also have my eye on some of their shirts and dresses in the women’s line. While it may be a bit until I actually buy something for myself, online shopping can be just as fun, yes?! :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day4 ♥ Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was yesterday, and I am quite disappointed in myself for failing to mention it! Perhaps I will whip up a batch of cookies this weekend to make up for it {some of my favorite recipes are included above}. Nothing can really beat a chocolate chip cookie and a big glass of milk as an occasional treat!

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies | Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies | Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Cookies | Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies {which clearly needs some updating; perhaps I will share it again with some better photos!}

Zachary and Bert5 ♥ A Lovely Sunny Day Video Chuck had always been one of my favorite television shows, and although it ended a couple of years ago, my sister and I still enjoy re-watching our favorite seasons again and again. Anyhoo, as a Chuck fan, I will happily watch and/or listen to anything with Zachary Levi in it {Tangled, that means you}. This adorable video of him singing a rather catchy song with Bert from Sesame Street made me smile!

Have a terrific start to your weekend!


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