loving >> week 119


It’s a Saturday edition of The Love List this week!

The Love ListI’m loving…

The Wedding Singer1 ♥ The Wedding Singer I mentioned this the other day in the April monthly recap, but I am super duper excited for my school’s production of The Wedding Singer! Opening night is this upcoming Thursday, and we are currently in an intense Tech Week :) While I am not particularly a fan of the nine-hour rehearsals, I love seeing the show come together with the songs, costumes, props, and other technical elements. I am assistant stage managing, so between calling the show, fixing any last minute problems, and finalizing set changes, I am in for a busy week! Have you ever seen the movie version or a production of the musical yourself?

Orange Leaf Yogurt2 ♥ Orange Leaf An Orange Leaf frozen yogurt place recently opened up nearby, and as a complete frozen yogurt fan, I couldn’t be happier! Although nothing can’t beat a classic ice cream in the summer or my personal preference in frozen yogurt, Pinkberry, it is lovely having a place so close. My usual order? Cookies and Cream with Oreo crumbles, strawberries, and chocolate granola. Yum!

Kentucky Derby Hats{via}

3 ♥ The Kentucky Derby In all truth, The Kentucky Derby isn’t that interesting to me. However, I really do love the hats! :) From the over-the-top extravagant to the simple, yet tasteful, I enjoy seeing vintage {like the image shown above} and modern takes on the Derby tradition.

Summer Kickoff Series4 ♥ This Summer Kickoff Feature At this point in the year, there are very few people that I know that are not anticipating summer. And so, anything that even mentions the word “summer” immediately catches my eye. While browsing some of my book blogs this week, I came across the Summer Kickoff Feature over at Confessions of a Book Addict. Does that sound fun or what?! I am now also convinced that I need to check out the Summer series by Jenny Han because {a} it sounds perfect for light vacation reading and {b} I absolutely adored Han’s other book, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Should I go for it?

Paper Fan Garland5 ♥ This Fun Banner Craft Finally, The House That Lars Built posted this festive banner for Cinco de Mayo. I would be all over it if I wasn’t in Tech Week right now, but I think it’s cheery enough to make later this month too :)

Have an amazing night!


2 thoughts on “loving >> week 119

  1. I would definitely give Han’s Summer series a try if I were you! I’ve only read the first one and honestly didn’t like it too much, but I know soooo many people that loved it and it does strike me as something you’d enjoy!


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