April 2014 Recap


Slide10Where this week {and month and year, for that matter} has gone, I don’t even know! I feel like I was just wrapping Christmas presents :) Anyhoo, before I begin the fun of May, I thought it would be nice to reflect on everything that happened in April first; due to my blog hiatus earlier this month, some posts from March will be sprinkled in as well. Let’s get started, yes?!

april in three wordsFriends, spring, and dresses! Between my trip to New York to my family’s annual Easter Egg Hunt, there were lots of different events with friends this month. I also felt that spring really kicked into gear with warmer weather {allowing me to finally pull out all of my spring dresses sans tights} and April break.

Something Real{by far my favorite read this month. I am already anticipating the release of Demetrio’s next book, Exquisite Captive!}

what i read and reviewed: With my vacation in mid-April, I was able to catch up on my large pile of library books! My reading rate has already slowed down now that I have returned to school, but I have plenty of reviews ready to be published. I also added to my standard book review format. There’s “Making the Grade,” where I review books with letter grades in the style of a report card and “Pros and Cons,” short lists summing up the positive and negative aspects of a book with a final result of “yay” or “nay.” There will be a bit more of those in the coming months :)

The books I read this month and haven’t reviewed include Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg {adorable}, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han {LOVED}, The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani {addicting}, Greetings from the Graveyard by Kate Klise {who will forever be a childhood favorite of mine} and Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald {fun middle grade}.

Double Chocolate Banana Breadwhat i baked: I shared the recipe I used for first making risotto: Risotto with Grilled Chicken. I plan to make the same recipe again! I also recently wrote about Double Chocolate Banana Bread. It is entirely too yummy and most likely more of a dessert item, but I think you could easily make the case that it’s breakfast food.

Milk and Cookiesother things i wrote: I rounded up some of my favorite capris and shorts in April’s Style Snapshot. I also had lots of fun preparing the graphics for this post: My Favorite Font Pairings. And although this was published in March, I think my Spring 2014 TBR List should be shared because there are just so many good books to read. {It’s a struggle, friends.}

most popular posts this month: Here were some of the most popular posts this month. A couple of them were a surprise to me!

  1. My 20 Favorite Fonts
  2. Small as an Elephant: A Book Review
  3. Summer Fun for Dolls!

Love and Olive Oil Frosted Funfetti Layer Cake

{photo by Love & Olive Oil}

around the web: There were quite a few posts and other things around the internet that I liked this month! Here are a few that I picked to share…

Looking Ahead: May

{from My Cute Graphics}

looking ahead: In May, I can’t wait to stage manage my school’s spring musical, The Wedding Singer, read Morgan Matson’s new book {it sounds absolutely amazing!}, and with hopes of non-rainy weather, spend some time on our patio making s’mores.

Have a wonderful night!



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