loving >> week 116


The Love ListWith a return to blogging after my short hiatus, I knew some tweaking to my Love Lists was necessary. Nothing huge, but the format is a bit different. Change can be good, no?

Anyhoo, I’m loving…

Oh Joy for Nod1 ♥ Oh Joy’s The Land of Nod Collection {ETA: Guys, I totally forgot the link when I originally posted this; perks of blogging right before bed!} I love Joy’s entire aesthetic, that is evident in her blog, her book, even her Target collection! When she partnered with The Land of Nod, the witty and wonderful children’s design company, I was so very excited. Although her line is clearly meant for kids, I see no shame in buying a few of the more classic and timeless pieces for myself :)

Color Collective2 ♥ Color Collective This color-themed blog is a wonderful resource! It has long been on the internet {since 2010 actually}, but I came a bit late to the game. Lauren uses various works of art, from photographs to paintings, to pull different color palettes. I’ve surprisingly fallen in love with quite a few of the combinations, and I’ve used lots of them as inspiration for my own projects. {My study guides have never looked better :)}

Arabian Nights by Deen Van Meer3 ♥ Aladdin: The Musical I visited NYC last week, and I don’t think you can visit the city without seeing a Broadway musical {unless, of course, you’re not a play person, then it’s perfectly okay to skip out on that}. This time, I saw the absolutely amazing Aladdin, which first opened in late March. As a tech girl at heart, I adored seeing the stunning and diverse technical elements used, but the acting and musical numbers were just as good. It’s one production I wouldn’t mind seeing again!

Boden Summer 20144 ♥ The Johnnie B Summer Line Take any look through my past Love Lists, and you’ll see that Boden makes a frequent appearance. And so, how could I not mention the new summer line?! Today was the first day in the high 60’s where I live, so I know summer is on its way. Some of my favorite pieces from the line are the Eyelet Top {that pink neon called my name the moment I saw it!}, the Lois Skirt {the picnic print made me smile}, and the Turn-Up Shorts in Parrot Blue {I love the bright colors!}. Do take a peek.

The Fosters

5 ♥ The Fosters My sister and I just watched the complete second half of The Fosters these past two weeks, and I am OBSESSED. ABC Family shows are my guilty pleasures! The drama is crazy, but it is just so entertaining. I’m not happy that I have to wait until June for the second season to premiere, but I can always re-watch a few if needed!

Have a terrific night!



8 thoughts on “loving >> week 116

  1. I’ve been so interested in The Fosters, but I’ve yet to see it! It seems very dramatic from the commercials I’ve seen–just my type of show, haha! ABC Family shows really are guilty pleasures. I used to follow Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, and (my favorite) Make It Or Break It. Ah, good times :D


  2. But uh . . . the Broadway Aladdin wasn’t as good as the one Lulu and Megan and I did I mean nothing can beat that! LOL! I am actually going to NYC and seeing Cinderella on Broadway! I am really excited!


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