My Favorite Font Pairings


While I love sharing my favorite fonts on their own {in these posts HERE}, in more cases than not, I use a combination of fonts for a typical project! Whether I’m whipping up a graphic for a post or creating an assignment for school, just knowing some of my favorite typeface combinations is helpful. My standard rule when pairing fonts together is to look for contrast; this not only adds visual interest, it can also help to break up information. Another tip? I try my best to keep my total number of fonts in a single project to three, as anything more than that can look too cluttered. A few of my favorite typeface combos are shown below, complete with classic word pairs and springy gingham backgrounds {from Pumpkins & Posies} :) Have you had any fun font finds lately?

Milk and CookiesFlorence Regular / KG Say Something

While I wouldn’t think to put these two together, I am quite happy that I did! I love that the shape of the letters in each font, while not exactly matching, have a subtle echo to one another. This is quite evident in the “K,” where the legs have that tiny curve at the bottom.

Fish and ChipsKG How Many Times / Didot {I, and I assume many of you as well, already had Didot on my computer, but the font linked is pretty close and free! :)}

This is a combination I tried out because I was curious to see how the handwritten, playful feel of How Many Times would pair with the more elegant Didot. I liked the result, even more so than I expected!

Salt and PepperKenzo / St. Marie Thin

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the pairing of a sans-serif and a serif font. I went even farther with this combination, putting together the bold, thick Kenzo with the light and thin St. Marie Thin.

Bread and ButterAardvark Cafe / Aleo Regular

I love these two together! Aleo is a regular typeface for me to turn to, but Aardvark Cafe is one that I rarely use on its own. Together, though, the fonts bring out the best in one another! The “B” in Aardvark Cafe has a particularly nice shape.

Peanut Butter and JellyCabin Regular / MTF Kim

This combo is fairly basic, but if used in the right context, I think it has quite the creative impact. I’ve featured MTF Kim before, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to show it with the lovely sans-serif Cabin, right?!

Eggs and BaconWisdom Script / Avenir Light {same case with Didot, above, but I don’t think this one is available as a freebie}

Finally, I have long been a fan of both Wisdom Script and Avenir Light. Together, I think the elegant nature of Wisdom Script {just look at that fancy “E!”} pairs wonderfully with the classic Avenir.

Have a terrific night!


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