And I’m Back!


A Return Graphic{background via here}

Can I just say how excited I am to be back blogging again?! Those two weeks were just what I needed to refresh and rethink many of the features I run here on Ciao Bella. I have decided that a few new things will be added in, older ones may be revamped, and some will just stay the same. I am really happy with the new direction in which I’m going. Blogging was slowly becoming more and more of something to get “done,” rather than enjoy, which is obviously not what I wanted :) It may take a week or so to get back into the true blogging rhythm, so please be patient as I work a few final things out. And since I missed the first week of April, let’s discuss! How has the beginning of your spring been?

Happy Monday!


*If you too are struggling to keep up with your blog {which I totally get, believe me!} and are thinking of taking a break, I found this article and this article to be helpful!


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