my spring 2014 to be read list


It’s been a bit since I last participated in The Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday, but it’s an absolute given for me when we’re talking about our to-be-read lists. My spring 2014 list has been in the works for a while now, as I have added and deleted novels week after week. I, finally, however, managed to narrow it down to eleven books I can’t wait to get to this spring. A good mix of middle grade and young adult stories, I already have a few on hold at my local library. What books made your list?! :)

Don't Even Think About ItThis one has a really interesting synopsis; high school sophomores receive telepathic powers after getting their flu shots. It hasn’t received glowing reviews, unfortunately, but I want to check it out myself before forming any of my own opinions.

Dorothy Must DieIsn’t that cover the best? I am always up for a fairy tale retelling, and this novel, told from the point of view of “the other girl from Kansas” sounds particularly good.

A Snicker of MagicThis is one that I actually have in the large pile of books in my room right now, and I cannot wait to get to it. There is rarely a shortage of good middle grade novels, and I have no doubts that I can add this to my list of favorites.

Say What You WillIn all fairness, I made these graphics a few weeks ago, so the cover has changed {see it here!}, but that doesn’t diminish my excitement for it. It sounds really good, and it has already been compared to The Fault in Our Stars and Eleanor & Park. 

I Kill the MockingbirdAnything that mentions one of my most beloved books, To Kill a Mockingbird, it makes my to-be-read list. I am sure this one will be a winner; it follows three kids as they try to convince others to read the classic.

Everything Leads to YouI saw this on someone’s Waiting on Wednesdays a few months ago, and ever since, I couldn’t get over the synopsis and gorgeous cover. I also love that it is exploring the behind-the-scenes area of film. I really enjoy seeing that in young adult books.

Buzz KillI promise, I really did make this a few weeks ago, and at this point, it would be silly to redo the graphics, right? :) Anyhoo, you can see the new cover here, and with that, you can read the interesting synopsis as well. Mysteries make me happy, so I can’t wait for this one!

The Museum of Intangible ThingsThis is another novel that sounds amazing! If the cover is any indication {clearly I’m ignoring the “don’t judge a book buy it’s cover” idea :)}, I think it will be good.

RevolutionI have long been waiting for this sequel! Countdown is a middle grade book I have no problem recommending time after time, and I can’t wait to get back into Franny’s story.

Welcome to Dog BeachLisa Greenwald was one of the first authors I read when I started venturing into the middle grade novel, and I keep reading her novels whenever they come out. Dog Beach will be perfect for the spring-summer period.

Catch Your DeathFinally, I hope to get to the latest installment of Ruby Redfort. The series doesn’t receive much press and hype, but if you ever pass by one at the bookstore, do pick it up, okay?

Whew! Like always, I have lots of reading I would like to get done. Do we share any books? Feel free to leave your own lists; I would love to hear what you’re hoping to read!


19 thoughts on “my spring 2014 to be read list

  1. I actually enjoyed Don’t Even Think About It. It wasn’t my favorite book by her (that would be Ten Things We Did) but I still enjoyed it. I love that you added some Middle Grade books to your list. Ever since I read Wonder a couple years ago, I try to read a few every now and then.


  2. I read Don’t Even Think About it last week. I didn’t *love* it but it’s worth reading. The cover you posted of Say What You Will reminds me of Eleanor & Park. I like it better than the new cover, but if the book is supposed to be similar, it’s probably best that the cover isn’t. I’m looking forward to The Museum of Intangible Things too. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for it.


    • Glad to hear that you didn’t mind Don’t Even Think About It. I also like the older cover of Say What You Will better. And, yes, it seems like forever that I have been waiting for The Museum of Intangible Things! :)


  3. Dorothy Must Die has been on a lot of TTT lists today (including mine), as has The Museum of Intangible Things, which I hadn’t heard of before. I’ve got to check it out now that I know so many people are interested in it!


  4. I love a lot of the choices you listed! Not love as in I’ve read them, but love in that I want to read them too! I do plan on reading Don’t Even Think About It at some point. I have a copy, but I’m so nervous because of what others have said about it. Also, it sounds kind of weird. But I do love Mlynowski so we’ll see. I also want to read The Museum of Intangible Things. I didn’t like her previous book, but I have high hopes for this one!


  5. Great list! Dorothy Must Die is on my list and I already pre-ordered it. I just can’t wait! I will have to check out A Snicker of Magic. I read and review a lot of middle grade novels, and who can resist a cover with an ice cream cone? :D


  6. This list is fantastic. A Snicker of Magic is such a fun middle grade fantasy! I am so happy it is on your list! Say What You Will is incredible. It blew me away.


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