Spring Forward


Spring ForwardCan you believe that there was no Style Snapshot for the month of February?! Me either. {It’s also the two-year mark of this feature! Quite crazy to think about}. To make up for it, though, I had a lot of fun putting together today’s post. It’s hard not to when you are talking about shoes! I love the flats and sandals that come out when spring and summer hits, and it seems like a lot of stores agree. There is no shortage of bright, colorful, and all-around seasonal footwear available right now, but I picked a few of my favorites above.

My preference on how to rock them? With flats, I usually pair them with a springy dress, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the simple combo of capris and sandals. Whatever way you choose to wear them, I have no doubt they will put a spring in your step {pun most definitely intended :)}.

1 » Ballet Flats in Menthe Suede from Johnnie B

2 » Taylor Swift’s Champion Zig-Zag in Navy from Keds

3 » AEO Crotched Flat in Rose from American Eagle Outfitters

4 » Printed Pointy Flats in Navy Polka Dot from Gap

5 » Fiji Sandals in Vivid Snapdragon from Kate Spade New York

6 » Bright Geometric Jonathan Alder Women’s Classic from TOMS

Happy Thursday!



4 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. These are super cute picks!! I really love the Keds. Keds are probably my favorite shoes because they’re so versatile and come in so many different colors! I love the campaign T. Swift has with them because everything is pretty nautically themed and that’s what fits my wardrobe best.


  2. I’ve been seeing the Keds commercial and I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of them. I really like the one you posted–the lime green on the inside and the navy and white on the outside just looks so cute. :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


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